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Ames, Philippines
April 2004

Hello, I have a little true story to tell based on my friend’s experience.

his happened in the late 90s when she was about to graduate from college. After finishing their Thesis with blood sweat and tears, a few of her friends wanted to go out of town for the night to give themselves a break. Another classmate and friend whom we shall call Eric volunteered to drive for them, one guy was with him at the front seat, three were at the back, one girl (Ria), her boyfriend and another girl. The radio was in full blast and though tired, they were happy to be driving out of town.

They then noticed Eric looking at them repeatedly, especially at Ria, he would again and again adjust the rear mirror then look at them from the mirror, then turn to look at them personally, they couldn’t understand why he had a feverish look every time he looked at Ria. Then suddenly he immediately u turned the car and frantically announced that they were heading back home. They protested that he turn the car back and asking what was with him. Eric however, was frantically looking at the mirror and his classmates on the back especially at Ria more than ever. His mood subsided when they were nearing home. Thankfully they made it safe back and that’s when Eric answered his friends’ questions in to why he suddenly headed back.

With a trembling voice he confided that when he looked at them on the rear view mirror, everyone seemed normal, but when his eyes fell on Ria’s reflection, her face was covered with blood! Blood dripping down to her neck, so much bleeding was gushing from her that you couldn’t even discern her facial features. They tried to rationalize that maybe someone ?hitched’ a ride but Eric refused to believe it, he thought of that too at first but what he saw in the mirror was wearing the exact same clothes that Ria was wearing, it scared him so much because it was only Ria whose reflection on the mirror was bloody while the rest seemed normal.

The guys then checked the car for defects, and to their horror, found out that their breaks weren’t working! Ria cried hysterically thinking that out of them five in the car, she was the only one who should have died that night if it weren’t for Eric’s quick thinking, and the omen.

Ames, Philippines
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