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Ominous Shadow

Anonymous, Manitoba, Canada
July 2010

The summer of 2007, I was attending college and staying at my grandmother’s house in southern Alberta. I always had a scared feeling there at night; I can’t explain it in any other way but fear. I had stayed there as a child and always had that feeling. I never seen anything to prior to the experience I am about to describe, but here goes.

I was sitting up one night watching an episode of "Rome" on HBO and I looked towards the end of the hallway. I saw a white orb come out of the wall and go right up through the ceiling. I felt afraid but I tried to rationalize the experience in my head. When I went to bed that night, I saw something zoom past my backside in the dresser mirror of my bedroom. I think it may have been the same orb that I had witnessed earlier that evening. Again, I passed it off as me being tired and tried to rationalize. A few nights went by and I did not experience anything.

A few nights later I was in poor spirits as my boyfriend had broken up with me. I was going to grab Kleenex from the washroom. It was dark, but I could see well. I was standing beside the bathroom door with my finger on the light switch. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Near the hallway towards the kitchen I had seen a figure. It was like a shadow or smoke, it was like a human figure and moved very slowly. It seemed as if it was walking away from me. When the figure noticed me, it started walking towards me and reached out to grab me! I screamed and as I screamed it disappeared. I turned the bathroom light on and my grandmother came quick to see what was wrong. I didn’t tell her what I had seen as I did not want to scare her. I am unable to stay in that house to this day.

I told my grandmother what I had seen in her house just this evening, she told me she was having trouble with her new neighbors and I had brought it up. She told me that when I was 5 or 6, I told her I had seen a "Man" behind the dresser of the room I was staying in who looked like Grover from Sesame Street. I don’t recall this, but she swears it. That sure gives me the chills.

Anonymous, Manitoba, Canada
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