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Once Upon A Dream

May 2005

For weeks now I have been having these dreams, in which I would see myself and a boy about my age (16) dancing in this amazing ballroom. My dreams would always be the same. I would walk into the room, and see my friends there, and we would talk and gossip about stuff, and they would part and this boy would walk up to me and would hold his hand out to dance. He was very good looking, with long wavy blonde hair, bright greenish brown eyes, and this amazing smile that would make anyone smile back. As we waltz around the dance floor, I would notice that I was wearing an 18th century French ball gown. As I noticed this, he would hold me closer, and whisper to me, "We will meet again, my love." Then I would wake up. It wasn't until this week that I realized that I would meet him again.

My grade in school went to a Museum, and one of the exhibits was the culture of the 18th century France. Our tour guide had picked me to try on a ball gown recreation of a beautiful pink gown, like what you would expect a queen to wear. Anyway, she told me to put it on in the bathroom and come into a separate room. So I put it on, and it fitted like a glove. I walked into the separate room, and there he was, the boy from my dreams. We had another school with us, and the tour guide must have made a boy from the other school wear an outfit to match mine. A waltz was played through the rooms' speakers, and we were instructed to dance. We started to dance, and he whispered in my ear, "Have we met?" "Yes," I said. "Once upon a dream."

We have been together ever since. What was this? Was this a paranormal experience? I may never know.

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