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One Hundred Horses

Camille, Canada
January 2002

This is something that happened to me only a few years ago, when my family lived with my grandparents on a farm.

There was 4 bedrooms in the farm house, my grandparents, my parents, my older brother's, and me and my sisters' room.

Vanessa (my sister) and my room was upstairs in the attic, facing north, while everyone else faced south and east. The first night we moved in, my sister and I were 14. We could "feel" we were not alone.

About a week after, the feeling was not gone, but it was now only at night we could feel it. That night my parents and grandparents had company over so my sister, brother and I stayed in our rooms. At around 11:30pm we heard a very strange noise, like a large group of horses running at full speed towards our house! We looked outside but saw nothing.

The noise stopped when we went to the window, but when we went away from the window the sound came back even louder, like the horses were right next to our house! We looked outside to see a large cloud of dust surrounding our house, like the horses had run right beside it.

The next morning Vanessa and I asked our grandmother about it. She said there was no horses for about 20 miles away. Then my grandpa came in and said that a long time ago, when the Indians lived where our farm was, this is the time they would be hunting for bison.

None of the rest of our family ever heard the horses, but Vanessa and I heard them every night until the day before we planned to move to the city.

That night we were getting ready for bed when we heard the horses. We were not surprised by this because we heard them every night. Then Vanessa looked out the window and screamed! There were about one hundred horses running straight for our house! The large farmhouse shook and the things in our room fell off the dressers and onto the floor.

The next morning we woke up on the floor surround by our things. The rest of our house was a mess as well. Needless to say our family, including our grandparents, moved out when they were convinced that it was not an earthquake.

I have never been back to that farm but someday I plan too.

Thank you for reading.

Camille, Canada
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