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One Lonely Night

California, USA
July 2000

One night my mother and I were on our way home down a back road, we use this same back road about three times a week.

Well this night was different while we were driving in my moms car we noticed there were no cars in front of us or in back of us it was really quiet. As usual I reclined my seat back to take a nap and I saw something, I guess you can say fly across the car but I didn't react then I heard my mother say about a minute later what the heck is that? Then for some reason I immediately knew what she was talking about and I said you saw that too? My mother said yea what was that? Then it appeared again following us home. It was a bright white light (glowing) it was keeping up with the car. I told my mom to go faster and she did but if we went faster it went faster. By this time I was very scared already starting to cry because I was shocked as I had never seen anything like that before.

Next to the side of the road are fields and the object was getting very very low to the crops it would either be in front of us or to the side of us. Finally we were getting closer to home and I told my mother not to go home but to go to my grandmas house so we did but two minutes before we reached her house we past our city cemetery and the object disappeared! It was also amazing that no one ever said they saw anything that night, where we the only ones?

Later we called our local news station and they said it probably was our car lights, but believe me it wasn't. We told some people and they said maybe it was our guardian angels, (hopefully). All I know is that I'll never forget that night.

California, USA
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