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One Morning

Joshua Moylan Calvo-Guerrero, Guam
June 1999

We had just moved into a new house in Barrigada Heights. Most of my siblings and I were unpacked except for our toys,etc. One morning, my mother woke up to the playing of my eldest sister's music box at about 3:30. The music box was battery-operated. Immediately she woke up my step-father who then said that it was probably a lizard crawling through the wires of the box. She accepted that reasonable answer. Every 30 minutes the music box would go off. So when my eldest sister woke up, my mother questioned her if she kept playing her music box. My sister said that she didn't even unpack it yet. Then my mother began to believe the "lizard excuse." After my sister said that, the music box never went off. That is until my step-father, my siblings, and I left the house. It seemed to go off every 5 minutes. Of course my mother was still at the house. She got very annoyed. She finally couldn't take it anymore. She rummaged through all of my sister's boxes. Finally, she found the music box. She thought to herself that my sister forgot to take the batteries out. So she opened the battery compartment. To her surprise, amazement, and terror, there were no batteries in the compartment. She was frozen. She was literally frozen for about a minute. Then she kicked back in and raced out of the house. She jumped into her Land Rover and sped to the faraway river of Talofofo. She went to the river bank an dumped the music box into the river and she watched it go out to sea. When she reached the house my siblings and I were already home watching T.V. and doing our homework. She walked in and held all of us really tight. Then there was a knock at the door. Mother went to the door and opened it. No one was there and then she looked down. There on the welcome mat dripping with salt water, was the music box.

Joshua Moylan Calvo-Guerrero, Guam
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