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One Night

Erin Allen, WA, USA
February 2005

This was about the time I was 13 or 14, I'm 22 now...and this experience still makes me feel just a little creeped out.

My friend Cynthia and I spent just about every weekend together. Her parents were divorced and she spent just about every weekend at her Dad's house. He lived in a fairly large apartment complex out in the Spokane Valley, and there weren't many other kids our age in the complex, so we mostly just hung around the apartment and watched movies or sat outside on the patio. On some occasions we'd go downtown and hang out with some friends from school. Up until this one night, we never got any creepy feelings or felt that maybe someone was watching us. We never even had any sort of strange experiences. In 8th grade her and I decided to dabble a little in the Wiccan arts. At first it was just for fun, then we got a little more into it.

One night we decided to make our own Ouija board just for fun. Her dad had gone out for the night and we were a little bored, so we started going through one of the Wiccan books that a friend of ours had borrowed from her sister. In one of the chapters we saw how to make a Ouija board from just an ordinary cardboard box. Being 14 years old, and bored, we decided to go for it.

Once we had finished making it, we started off with a few virgin white candles around us in a circle. Now, I don't know how correct this book that we had was, but it said to put at least 4 virgin (never used) candles around us in a circle and sit in the middle of them with the board between us. We started off just by asking the normal silly questions that 14 year old girls ask. Who will I marry? Am I going to be successfull? Will I have kids? Yadda yadda yadda....Anyhow, whether this part was real or it was just Cynthia moving the cursor around on her own trying to freak me out, I'll never know. To this day she still denies it. So, I kind of believe her that it wasn't her.

But the cursor started going clockwise in circles around the board. I got the bright idea to ask "Is there a spirit that is trying to contact us?" the cursor went to 'yes'. At first Cynthia and I were excited. Maybe we had actually found a spirit to talk to! So then I asked, "Are you a good spirit?" The cursor went to 'no'. This freaked us out just a little bit, but we just kept going. It's just a ghost right? It'll go away when we're done with the board. Right? Wrong.

I then asked, "Are you a benign spirit?" again, the cursor went to 'no'. Of course I asked the next question, "Are you an evil spirit?" this time the cursor went to 'yes'. Being kids, and me still believing that Cynthia was moving the cursor, I asked it if it was going to try to hurt us, the cursor went to 'no'. (breath of relief here) Then when I was going to ask another question. The cursor just shot to "good-bye". And it was over. At this point, Cynthia and I put our homemade Ouija board in a box, put that box in her dads closet and piled shoes on top of it, closed the closet door, and then the bedroom door, and locked it, and went to the living room to watch T.V. It was sometime around 12:45am and 1:30am.

Since Cynthia only visited her dad on the weekends, her bed was the hide-a-bed sofa couch in the living room. We turned on the T.V. to some movie that was on cable and settled down to go to sleep. About 20 minutes later, the T.V. turned off, and so did the lamp on the end table next to the couch on my side. I look at Cynthia and asked if she had turned on the sleep timer for the T.V. She said no and just turned the T.V. back on. I turned the lamp back on. About another 10 minutes went by and the television and the lamp both turned off again, at exactly the same time. Nothing else was turning off, just the T.V. and the lamp. I decided at this point to check the outlet behind the T.V. where they were both plugged into. They were fine. We shrugged it off again and turned the T.V. back on. This time I decided to just leave the lamp off, thinking that might be the T.V.'s issue. Maybe a power surge or something. Another 10 minutes later, the T.V. flipped off again. This time I looked at Cynthia and playfully accused her turning it off herself with the remote. She looked back at me and told me the remote had been missing for the whole day. I hadn't payed any attention to it before, but everytime she turned the T.V. back on, she'd gotten up to do it.

I was looking at her when she told me this and as I did, I noticed something over her shoulder move. I thought at first it was the after image from the T.V. burned into my eyes, so I waited for it to go away, but it didn't. Cynthia noticed I was looking over her shoulder with an odd look on my face so she turned around and looked. Where we were looking was from the living room into the kitchen since they were both connected, but separated by a breakfast bar, with a hallway connecting to the hallway, leading to the front door and her dad's bedroom and the bathroom.

"Do you see what I see?" I asked her after she'd looked for a good 15-20 seconds. "Do you mean that figure standing in front of the kitchen and hallway door?" She replied sitting up a little more. "Do you think it's just the way the street light is reflecting off the patio door?" I asked. "No. It's moving towards us, quick turn on the light!" I reached over to turn on the light, and as I did, I got very cold very suddenly, and then it was gone. I was able to turn on the light after several seconds. The cold had frozen me to the bone. "Dude, did you feel that Erin?" Cynthia then asked me after I had successfully turned on the lamp. "Yeah, you did too huh?" "Yeah. I did." Since thankfully it was summer, we took some blankets and some pillows for cushioning out onto the patio and sat out there discussing the experience we'd just had until her dad came home. We've never discussed what happened with anyone else. Not even her dad. We just stayed out there and slept on the patio that night. A week later, her dad said he came home and found all the windows (there were only two or three) in the apartment wide open. So he moved into another apartment in the complex. Nothing ever happened to us again, and we never again, played with another Ouija board again. At least she didn't.

All the events in this story are totally true. Thanks for reading!

Erin Allen, WA, USA
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