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One Saturday Night

Anonymous, NJ, USA
June 2012

I was about seven years old when this happened to me. My mom had the custom of coming into my room every night at 9 pm to kiss me good night and turn the lights off and the lamp on. She did this countless times so I was never worried.

It happened one Saturday night, she kissed my forehead as usual, lights off and she left. I think it was about 12 am when it happened. I saw my mom coming into my room. I noticed the hallway lights were off (something she would never do since she is terrified of the dark) althought she was not ghostly white, she did seem very pale to me. She came and sat by me and I said, "Hi Mommy."

She did not answer, all she did was smile a very terrifying smile. I started to get scared since she was not acting normal, so I started to cover myself with my bed covers. She then approached her white hand and started to touch my face. Her hands were really cold. For some reason I did not understand I knew that was not my mother. She kept that smile on her as she raised from my bed (I have to point out that the bed did not feel as if anyone was there) she then walked and opened the door and closed it while still giving me that creepy smile.

I asked my mom the morning after and she naturally said no, I did notice that when I told her her face looked terrified.

Anonymous, NJ, USA
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