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One Scary Night

NSW, Australia
November 2000

This happened a year or two ago, and I swear it is true. I dont believe in ghosts but this one instance made me think a little deeper...

It was a Friday night and I was sleeping over my friend Sarah's* (not real name) house and we decided to hire out out a horror movie. In the end we decided on "Scream" as we were told by friends that it was really scary.

We arrived home from the video shop, got into our pyjamas, grabbed some munchies and went into the TV room to watch our video.

It was getting late by the time we started watching it so it was already dark. Sarah had a big screen TV and a surround sound stereo and after switching off the lights we had really created the mood for a scary movie.

We watched scream until it finished and then walked around to the front part of the house to Sarah's bedroom. The two of us were quite creeped out from the movie so when we entered her room she made me check the cupboards and under the bed to make sure there was no one there. There wasn't.

We locked her bedroom door and climbed into bed. We lay there for a little while talking quietly when this tapping started on the outside of her window. Sarah completely freaked out, and begged me to hop into her bed with her because she was scared (I was on a mattress on the floor). I agreed and climbed in next to her. The tapping continued for another 5 or so minutes and then stopped. After a while I climbed back into my own bed and fell asleep.

Later on I woke up at exactly 1.00am to hear footsteps coming down the hall to Sarah's bedroom. It reached her bedroom door and I saw the doorknob begin to turn slowly. When it realized that the door was locked it shook the handle furiously and started trying to bang the door open. I froze in my bed and lay quietly waiting for it to go away, which it soon did.

I soon fell back to sleep but woke again on the hour at 2.00am to hear the same thing happen again. Again I lay still waiting for it to stop and fell back asleep.

Once again I woke on the hour 3.00am and heard it start again, by this time I wasn't that scared anymore as I realized that whatever it was couldn't get in to our room. It went away once again and I lay quietly thinking about it. I decided to check if my friend was awake. She was and I asked her if she had heard the same thing and seen the doorknob turn. She said she had, and she was so scared she was shaking. She kept saying 'someone's going to kill me'. She also told me that she kept waking up every hour to the same thing.

Eventually we fell asleep again but were once again woken at 4.00. I decided that I'd had enough and started to pull back my covers to see what it was. I was next the door and my friend begged me not to open it so I climbed back into bed and let it be. We didn't hear from it again that night.

In the morning we asked her little brother if he had heard anything that night but he said no. We then asked her parents if they had been out of bed during the night, but they also said no, and being nowhere near Sarah's bedroom they would have no reason to come down this side of the house.

I have no idea what really happened that night and it hasn't happened since but I dont ever think I'll be able to forget that night!

NSW, Australia
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