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One Sunday Afternoon

Anna, OH, USA
July 2005

One Sunday afternoon, I was taking my dog for a walk at my favorite park. I love this particular park because it is adjacent to a large church and the park itself has about 50 acres surrounding a lake. Around the lake wraps a 3 mile paved pathway, on the outer reaches of the path are woods. Anyway, as we walked down the path I noticed that for such a lovely sunny day, there was barely anyone there besides me and my dog. I noticed another walker on the path, but she was far across the lake on the other side. We were rounding a corner of the path that is more densely surrounded by woods when suddenly I was jerked to an abrupt halt by my dog.

At first I thought he stopped to use the bathroom or caught a scent of the ducks in the lake, that is until I turned around. When I looked at him, he was sitting on the pavement refusing to go further. He sat on the ground like dead weight and sprawled his legs. I began to get irritated and tugged at him and he refused to move, his collar nearly came off. That is when I noticed that his eyes were wide in fear and he looked absolutely terrified. Suddenly, there was a strong breeze and he put his nose in the air and sniffed the air furiously, looking around nervously. Immediately, I began to get very scared. Anyone who knows anything about Corgis knows they are a very bold breed. They don't scare easily at all.

Thinking someone was hiding behind a bush ready to jump out, I started looking around frantically. I scanned the open field in the distance, and the only thing I saw were 2 prairie dogs about 2 acres out, standing and sniffing the air, and then for some odd reason, they rapidly ran for their life. Then a cluster of small birds and ducks flew away quite abruptly.

At this point, I thought, there had to be a coyote (we have many coyotes in Ohio) and I better get back to the path closer to the church and away from the woods. I reversed back right away. My dog was more than happy to turn around and was pulling the leash so hard that he was choking and hyperventilating. As we rushed away, I looked to my left because something across the fields, deep in the woods caught my eye. I did a double take and froze. About 2 acres out, I saw a "blacker than black" mass shaped like a small person, a dwarf. It features were blacked out, it had no clothes, but it had a humanoid shape. I remember it had distinct pointy ears and wrinkled kneecaps. It backed up slowly into the denser part of the woods, all the while watching me.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I stopped short. I was so astonished that I stood still for a few moments then ran and didn't stop until we reached the outskirts of the church. My heart was racing insanely. Once we got there, I scanned the woods from atop a hill and didn't see anything. I looked feverishly for a good 5 minutes trying to see where the thing had gone. I have no idea what the dwarf shape was. I have not seen it since, but I will always be looking over my shoulder for it.

I know this site has a few true stories and others fictional. I swear this is a 100% true story that scared the heck out of me. I didn't add details to sensationalize the story either. If anyone has had any similar experiences, or knows what I saw, please feel free to drop me an email.

Anna, OH, USA
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