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Only in My Dreams

Texas, USA
February 2000

Ibelieve that I have am watched, visited and reached out to by my guardian angels. This is not a story about a visit from an angel but how they have spoken to me through my dreams. I hope that no one takes this as religious propaganda, as I am not trying to sway anyone on how to think as this is what I truly believe and feel.

I was 11 years old, we had just moved to the city from a small town and shortly after school began, is when I had my dream. (I was getting along well enough in school, so I don't believe that it was a manifestation of any anxieties.) I know the dream I had was a look at what was going to happen. I can even remember the words that were spoken, but no one was around me, just a soft glowing light. In the dream, I could recognize the place, it was the same funeral home that my Grandaddy was taken to when he passed away about 6 years prior to my dream, I remember that was when I learned about death and how much I hated that place. I of course thinking I was visiting my Grandfather again after all those years and tried to wake up so I wouldn't feel that pain again. The harder I tried the more I felt like I was being guided and had no control over this and I had to let the dream run its course.

The dream started outside of this large building and I went inside, immediately, I recognized the hallway and that is when I knew I had to get out of there fast. The voice of who was with me softly said "You need to see this, someone close to you will need you and you have to be ready." I was taken to the room where the services are held, and taken up between the pews to the coffin. I knew it wasn't my Grandaddy's funeral I was at, his coffin was dark brown, this one was bright white. I proceeded to the coffin and looked inside and there was my Grandma. She looked peaceful, with a tender smile on her face, like she knew she was home. The most incredible thing was the detail of the dream, the color of the coffin, the pink interior of the coffin, her dress and hair and the location. The final words I remember hearing were "You must be ready, someone very close to you does need you to be strong when the time comes." Then the dream ended.

I woke up and I started crying and the next day I saw my Grandma, she looked fine so I didn't give it any further thought until about a week later, we were all told that she was going into the hospital to have a brain tumor removed.Well, it flip flopped for a year, the Dr's didn't know what exactly to call it, water on the brain, brain tumor, she had many needless surgeries that year and I knew they weren't going to keep her here on Earth. Almost a year later from the dream she died. My Dad was devastated by her death, I never saw him cry before, or since. After the funeral, he was alone and clearly hurting. I walked over to him and told him, "The love doesn't stop here Daddy." He looked at me and smiled, simply said "Thank you sweetie" and gave me a hug. Of course it took him a long time to get over losing her.

The dream was never clear on exactly who I needed to help through this difficult time and I hope I did what I was supposed to do. At the time it looked as though it was my Dad who needed me, because of how close he was to her, it devastated him completely. There have been many dreams since where my angels have come to me to let me know that everything will be fine, basically getting me ready for things, but can be told as stories on their own.

I know it sounds unbelievable that an 11 year old girl is told of her Grandmother's death a year before it happens, but it is the truth. I realize this story is not that of the paranormal, but to me, was a spiritual story.

Texas, USA
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