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Operation Snowball 97'

Ashley, Illinois, USA
November 1998

On January 20th, which coincidently was my 15th birthday, 1997, I was at Operation Snowball with a bunch of friends. The weekend is geared toward the stopping of drug, alcohol, and cigarette use. It's also a fun weekend to get away from parents. At this period in my life, I was just beginning to learn about the paranormal and psychic things (for a lack of better terms). That night, my best guy friend, my best girl friend and I decided to skip the speaker.. we knew he would be boring. The guy wanted to tune his guitar before the late night festivities, so we all went backstage and hid behind the curtains so that no one would hear or see us. All of a sudden, the girl started shaking, and her eyes started fluttering. I didn't know what was going on and was really scared. She then began talking like a mentally-challenged person does. She said "Stop the music! NO MORE!" (At the time, there was no music being played.) She then told us not to go into the drama closet or we would get badly hurt. (We DEFINITELY did NOT enter!) Then she just murmured to the point that neither of us could understand her. Once we promised her that we wouldn't play music, she fainted! My guy friend and I had to do everything we could just to keep her up and not make any noise. She came around about a minute later and asked what had happened. We told her everything. She said that she felt like she was trapped inside herself and that she had been taken over by some foreign being. We all came to the conclusion that she had been possessed. I then turned around to look at the wall near the drama closet.. On the wall there was a small black spot on the brick. I was just watching the spot and thinking about what had just happened with my friend. As I was staring blankly at it, I noticed that it started to grow. The black spot was getting bigger and bigger! Finally, it stopped growing and something started to emerge from the hole. I was thoroughly frightened at this point. The figure looked like a hand which had long, bony fingers. I was still scared, yet intrigued at this hand. It emerged out more until it was past the wrist, and then it moved around in circles as a person turning a doorknob. Then, it started to beckon me!! The fingers were put into a fist except for the index finger which kept motioning for me to come to it. This put me in a delirium. I started crying silently. My friends both saw the hand and watched it while I turned the other direction and cried. As a freshman girl, I was very immature and couldn't help myself but to cry when I was so horribly frightened. The hand went away, and I wanted to leave, so we started moving to leave the stage. I suppose I made noise while trying exit because I was so upset, and the three of us got caught there.

That night, it was extremely difficult for me to enjoy myself because I was so disturbed by everything that happened. It wasn't until recently that I have understood what happened. That was probably the most frightening night of my life.

Ashley, Illinois, USA
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