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OU Ghosts

Anonymous, OH, USA
October 2010

Ohio University is widely considered to be a center for paranormal activity. I'm currently a Senior at OU and have lived in 3 "haunted" dorms. These are just my experiences, and in one case, my former roommate's experience.

My Freshman year, I lived in Treudley Hall on West Green. This isn't one of the notorious dorms on campus but I've hear some things about it and I had a few very creepy experiences. I lived alone the first 2 weeks of Fall that year and I often took naps in the afternoon after my 1-3 Biology class. I would typically sleep until dinner in the evening. Keep in mind NO ONE but the RAs had access to my room and they can't enter your room unless they let you know in advance. I was sleeping in my room, it was probably around 5:30 or 6:00 and it was beginning to get dark outside. I'm a very light sleeper and anything wakes me up. As I was sleeping, I was awakened by the door creaking open then it abruptly slammed shut. I went down and asked my friend Brit if I'd left my door open and if she'd shut it. She told me she walked by to look in the peep hole to see if the light was on and the door had been completely shut. These doors also lock when you close them. I also heard the famous OU "rolling marbles" quite often even though I lived on the 4th floor and there's no attic in Treudley.

Sophomore year Brit and I lived together in Voigt Hall on East Green. We lived on the 1st floor in a corner room and continuously heard knocking on an outside wall that was probably 20 feet off the ground. Brit often went home on the weekends so I was usually alone in the room. Both of our beds were lofted with our desks and computers underneath. One night when I was by myself and up late, I heard things moving around underneath me. I immediately turned on the TV and it stopped. I was too afraid to climb down and see what had happened. In the morning, I climbed down and saw that all of my desk drawers were open and my pencil cup had been knocked on the floor. Brit's desk wasn't touched. I called Brit and started crying when I was telling her about the experience.

Later the same year, Brit was sleeping and I was staying with my boyfriend. She told me that in the middle of the night the TV turned on and off three times in a row and she ended up sleeping at a friend's dorm room because she was so scared.

Junior year I lived in Bryan Hall on East Green, pretty much right around the corner from Voigt. Bryan is an honors dorm and stays pretty quiet most of the time. As always, I heard the rolling marbles during late night study sessions, although the attic was above me so I could credit it to things dropping up there or mice/rats. Bryan was
pretty mellow but I did have one real experience. Each floor has 2 study rooms: one on the girl side and one on the guy side. A friend and I were studying for exams in the girl study room. We both had laptops and neither were plugged in. We heard the marbles start to roll and ignored it. Then, the light went off in the study room and
both of our laptops shut off and turned back on after a few seconds. Let's just say there was a little argument about who was going to get up and turn the light back on.

I've heard other stories that I don't necessarily believe. I've never been to the Ridges and have spent about 10 minutes on the 4th floor of Wilson Hall and didn't see or hear anything. These are completely true and all three of these dorms have had several stories attached to them throughout the years. I can't explain any of them, but
they're my "paranormal" experiences at Ohio University.

Anonymous, OH, USA
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