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Ouija (1)

NSW, Australia
September 1999

This story outlines an event which happened to me in 1991 when I was 15.

A few of my close girlfriends from school and I started to experiment with Ouija boards with no success. But we kept at it until we started communicating with spirits that we started to befriend and develop quite a good rapport with. These spirits were friends and family who had passed away (or so they said) and each spirit had its own unique way of moving the small upside down glass around the home made Ouija board.

One of the spirits claimed to have been my brother who was my mothers first child and died three days after birth. His death and even existence was never really discussed and no one even knew what happened to his body, as the hospital took care of his body. So of course to 'prove' to myself it was him I asked him what happened to his body and where I could find it. He said he was buried in a very large cemetery in our city. He also described what his grave site was like and what section we would find him in. I knew straight away which cemetery and my mother called the cemetery, stated his name and there were records of him being there.

On arrival at his plot number, his 'grave' was exactly as explained and had no markings or notification, just piles of rubbish as visitors assumed the space was empty and thus dumped old flowers etc. So that to me was proof, or maybe the carrot was dangled to get more into this 'cool' new thing I had learnt to do. Maybe I could use this board to predict my future and other good things. I also realised that I could conduct my own seance on my own, by allowing the spirit to write with my hand!! After a few weeks of getting carried away I came home from school one afternoon, dumped my bag in my room and just sat on my bed, then all of a sudden I felt 'weird' hands started to move though I wasn't moving them, and my head was jerking from side to side but I wasn't moving it. So of course I started to freak out, and I could 'hear' voices in my head, not telling me anything in particular, just talking and constant 'action' even though I was home alone, I could hear and sense there was a lot of 'energy' and noise and people around. I freaked out as I couldn't shake this thing out of me and I knew it did not have good intention, it basically said "bad luck I'm here now, its me and you"..I wanted it out, I wanted my thoughts private, I felt violated and I couldn't concentrate on anything or anyone as I had a 'party' in my head so I looked vague as I was going 'inward'. My family all freaked out and I lost it totally, I was so scared and not myself. Too much action in my head, my body was jerking around on its own accord, I needed help. But who could help me? I was not crazy, I had something in me. My parents didn't know what to do. I was in dire straits, I couldn't live in normal society like this and people could see that I wasn't normal by my vague look and jerking limbs moving of their accord. Eventually my parents took me to see a psychiatrist, who was stumped and couldn't explain anything, I was not neurotic or spastic, but if all this kept going on, I could tell you now, I was heading that way.

Imagine how stupid I felt and the weird looks I got when telling these doctors what was wrong, they were dumbfounded. I started to really freak out and with all the 'activity' in my head and all the voices and noise, I was given these drugs which just slowed everything down. Nothing was helping nor working, my mother even got a priest who sprinkled holy water over me, but the spirit/or spirits that were inside laughed at it, I could here the done nothing. With the help of my understanding mother and non understanding doctors, I beat this myself. I had to be strong and take control of MY body and MY mind.

I would imagine a cement non penetrable block in my mind that would block out these voices and this whatever it was. The voices got mad and started to threaten me that doing this would cause badness on me and my family and would threaten me constantly. I soldiered on, and when it would go 'crazy' and try and throw my head from side to side or my arms I would fight it, and keep things still and pretend in my head that it was nothing. I took a good 6-12 mths but I beat it. This took a lot out of me and I was kind of frail and just didn't have the energy, but I got back on track. I took 3 months off school, but returned back on track and now lead a very normal average life. I have always been one of those people who is 'open' to the spirit world as I sense things, dream a lot of the future and have the ability to automatic write. I believe I am capable of much more although I am scared stiff that I may be taken over again, although I'm confident now that that will never happen again as I understand myself and this whatever it is better and am in total control.

Still to this day I don't really understand what happened back then, and I rarely talk about it as in society Ill look like a nutter, but it happened and I will NEVER play with a Ouija board again, nor involve myself in conjuring spirits, they are out there and I belive you better know what you're doing, cause this stuff happens.

NSW, Australia
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