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Ouija (2)

California, USA
June 1998

Missy, Jennie and I were playing the Ouija board at Missy's house at around 11-12pm, while we were the only ones there for the night. After asking it stupid questions about our boyfriends, we decided that we needed something a little more exciting. We asked the "Spirit" what it's name was, and It spelled out S-E-T-H. Seth, OK. We were really bored, so we asked it to prove that it was there. Just then , the lights went out, and the ceramic mask that Missy has on her wall shattered. The shattered masks eyes were still obvious as they turned red, for just a second, then the mask was shattered on the floor, and the lights came back on. We were scared, but congratulated "Seth" on the show. Jennie was getting really scared, so we put the Ouija board away. We went to sleep in the spare room, after discussing our "encounter" for about an hour. Later that night, all three of us woke up to see the Ouija board hovering above the bed we were all sleeping in. As soon as we all stared at it, the board fell to the ground. Missy's stereo started flickering on and off, and posters started to fall from her wall. Her dogs were howling, and her cat was just staring at the Ouija board, looking mesmerized. The whole house (mobile home) started to shake madly, as if a train where blowing by right in her yard. Then all the lights in the house turned on, and so did her stereo, but it wasn't music. What we heard was muffled screams and cries. We heard her older brother's car pull into the driveway, as soon as he walked into the house, everything returned to normal. We told her brother what had happened, and he said he had a weird feeling that we were in trouble, so he came over. He stayed with us the rest of the night, and nothing else happened again that night, but Missy says, that whenever she walks into the spare room where we played the game in, she feels like she's being watched, and her dogs and cats wont go in there at all.

California, USA
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