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Ouija (3)

Shannon, California, USA
June 1998

For all of those out there who do not believe in the infamous Ouija board, this is a story that may change your definitely did mine!

This "all but too" true event occurred about 15 years ago...and strangely enough, to my sister when she was about 16 years old. (I was only 6, so only heard of the story from my mother). It wasn't until I heard this story from the most trustworthy person alive (my mom) that I actually started to believe that there was definitely life after death; definitely a soul that lived forever after the body had perished; definitely someone above watching over us...

It was late one night, when my sister and her girlfriend decided to play the Ouija board. My grandmother had passed away a few months beforehand, so after asking the board a few of the standard questions like, "when will I get married?", or "how many kids will I have?", they decided to try and contact my grandmother. After a long pause, they began to talk back and forth with her....little phrases like "hi" and "how are you?"... Of course thinking it was each other moving the planchette, they decided to ask my grandmother if she was okay. Strangely enough, the board read back the words, "I'M FINE...CAL IS KEEPING ME." Not knowing what this meant, the girls finished up the game after saying goodbye to my grandmother, and going to sleep later that night. The next morning, my sister had told my mom of the happenings with the Ouija the night before, and as pale as a mom said she couldn't believe it! You see, my grandfather's name was Christian, and back on the farm in North Dakota, they used to call him "CAL"......Needless to say, there is absolutely NO WAY my sister could have ever heard the name CAL...especially referring to our grandmother's husband!! As odd enough as this may seem, it is the Honest-to-God truth... After hearing of this, my sister gave me the Ouija board, and can you blame me???--I threw it away!!!

Shannon, California, USA
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