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Ouija (4)

James, California, USA
June 1998

Iremember sitting in my room one night, just listening to music. I always felt strange vibes up there at night, but that's common in young people. The house I lived in was built during the time of the depression, and it had been rumored that someone had committed suicide in the attic during that time. My bedroom just happened to be the attic. I always dismissed the rumors, and was pretty much a sceptic. I soon learned the truth. Well, I had just put in a Danzig CD, and his music is anything but that you would hear in church. After I put the CD in, the CD player turned off. I basically dismissed it and turned it back on. It happened again. "OK?", was what I was thinking to myself. So I put in another CD, and the player stayed on. I tried the Danzig CD again, and the player shut off again. I was thinking something was wrong with the disc. I tested the theory by putting the disc in the CD player downstairs. It worked just fine. I'm thinking at this point that it's all just coincidence. I took it back up to my room and the darn thing shut off AGAIN. I screamed at the top of my lungs "God******"! Just then my Danzig CD, with no explanation, was tossed on the window. It seemed to happen on it's own. I was less than skeptical about the stories now. I called my friend who was into the occult and things of the such, and he suggested we try contacting the spirit. He never liked to use the word ghost, he said they didn't like it. Anyway, he brings over this Ouija board. It was nice too, not a Parker Brothers or anything, but I was totally skeptical about those things. We sat down and started to use it. We had apparently contacted the spirit that was in my room. He said he was friendly, but that was his domain, and anything resembling the anti-Christ will not be in his home. I was disgusted, and stood up saying,"what a bunch of bull s***." Just then the candles we were using blew out, and things started to fly across the room. I was pretty darn frightened. I quickly sat down, put my hands on the board, and apologized. After that, the candles seemed to relight themselves. My friend I were both shocked, because neither of us had ever seen anything like this before. We agreed not to tell our friends at school, but the incident only made my interest in the occult go beyond its limits. My friend and I started an occult club at our high school, with stories of UFOs, spirits, and other strange phenom. Neither of us ever told that story at any of the meetings, and this is the first time I'm telling it to anyone. It's now 5 years later, and we both have steady jobs, but when I go back home on vacation, we still "ghost hunt" together. When you're looking for them, they never appear. However, my friend and I still do run into strange occurrences. I've seen many stories to tell, but since this is my first experience with the undead, I wish to publish this first. Don't worry, I've got many more to come that will please anyone who is, or may be a believer.

James, California, USA
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