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Ouija Board, Mega Block Truck & Furry Creature

Judy, WV, USA
October 2006

This incident happened to my stepdaughter and I beginning at a Toys R Us.

We were starting early on our Christmas shopping and decided to make a stop at the toy store. My stepdaughter and I made our way around to the board games and she happened to come across an Ouija Board. She discussed getting one with me for a little bit and I told her she could get one but couldn't keep it at my house because I'm a little jumpy about those things. She decided that she didn't have enough money to get one this trip so we figured on picking it up next weekend. We were still discussing it and came up to a toy aisle and started to turn down the aisle and at the very end was some megablock trucks. They're a bit bigger than the metal Tonka trucks. This truck was sitting on the bottom shelf and it just suddenly fell off and started rolling towards us and I'm not talking about a few inches as if it just fell off balance. It rolled half way down the aisle to me and Katie decided we really didn't need to look there and went on.
We headed to Walmart to do a little shopping and my glove compartment just popped open and banged her on the knee. We were really getting freaked out so we just tried to explain away the reasons for those two incidences happening.
We headed home after that and my husband had to work night shift so we told him about our little Ouija board discussion and he thought we were a little goofy. He left for work and my stepdaughter and I were sitting here watching movies and she decided she wanted to get her chapstick from downstairs which is her room/our basement when she's here. She opened the door and slammed it really quick and was yelling. She swears she saw something on the top step leading to the basement so I took a look and didn't see anything.
We sat here and started watching some movies again and I heard a noise and I figured I should check it out because I knew she was going to freak out. I opened the basement door and there on my top stop was a big furry black creature of some sort with some very long claws. Well of course, me being the big scaredy cat I am I screamed, slammed the door and locked it. My husband came home a little while later because they canceled the job and we asked him to take a look for us. At first he didn't see anything either but a little bit later he heard the same noise I had earlier and opened the door to take a look and there was the creature just sitting there staring. He closed the door and went for a shovel and went back in the basement and closed the door. We heard him banging around and he came back up and said he missed it and it ran out.
That was on Saturday and its Wednesday and we haven't heard or seen it since. Were all these events signs or just freaky coincidences?

Judy, WV, USA
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