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Ouija Board (1)

Alexandria, WA, USA
March 2011

I went camping with one of my friends one summer, just for the weekend. Her family owned a cabin right by a small lake, without a lot of people around. I borrowed my cousin's Ouija board, and took it along with me.

My friend and I went down to the lake with the board and sat on the dock when everyone else was sleeping. We sat across from each other, with the board in the middle. We asked if anyone was here and the pointer moved to "Yes". We asked if they lived in the cabin, the answer was "Yes". We continued to ask questions, when we asked how they died they spelled out "W-A-T-E-R". My friend, Josilyn and I assumed they drowned in the lake. After the pointer moved to "Goodbye" we kept our fingers on it. All of a sudden, the pointer moved around and spelt "M-U-R-D-E-R". We looked at each other and threw the Ouija board into the lake, off the dock. The next morning it was sitting in the same spot on the dock where we had been playing with it the night before.

Alexandria, WA, USA
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