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Ouija Board and the Polish Mercenary

Jen, Delaware, USA
October 1999

This experience with a Ouija board happened over 20 years ago.

A friend of mine and I decided to see whom we could contact through a Ouija board. We did everything wrong; it was just the two of us, no one acted as scribe, etc. However, my friend is very psychic. When he was younger his mother used to have him do readings for her friends. (As he grew older, his powers declined and now he has MS, so I don't believe he's psychic anymore. I can post more information about his experiences later.)

We got out the Ouija board and within a few minutes we contacted someone - a Polish soldier of fortune from the 18th century. After a few sessions, I decided to use a tape recorder to call out the letters/words as they were pointed out. I have only one transcript of a session, because we were getting scared of the messages we received. Also, my friend would go into some sort of trance and slump over - almost like he was a medium. The gist of the one transcript I have is this - we contacted a Polish mercenary soldier by the name of William Vuduki. He was born in Dylauela (?) in Poland June 3, 1729). His father's name was Joseph. He attended the University of Jena (from what I've read I understand it was sort of a diploma mill). He fought in 5 wars. He was in the Prussian Army from 1749 to 1764; the 22nd Cavalry as a staff officer (Captain) from 1751 to 1755. He had a friend by the name of Charles McMon, whom he had known for 24 years. They fought under Von Seydlits for Frederick II (the Great).

This is the part that started to frighten us. At that time we had a good friend whose last name was McMahon. When we asked Vuduki was happened to his friend, he said he was killed for money in Koln (Cologne), Germany. He didn't die in battle; he was killed when the house he was in was set on fire, February 8, 1763. During this session, I had trouble understanding Vuduki; apparently he got a little mad at me and spelled out 'Merde' two times! He then said that after the war he travelled and went to Spain. What we found so upsetting was that Vuduki was asking for our help - to help him find the murderer of his friend. At this time my friend and I were teenagers and didn't have a clue how to tell poor Vuduki that over 200 years had gone by.

We ended the Ouija sessions after this - I was afraid that the spirit of Vuduki would 'take over' my friend, or that something would happen to our friend McMahon.

I still have the transcript and may do some more research. There is a Polish Catholic church down the street from where I live - perhaps I can get some information about the town of Dylauela (?), Poland and the name Vuduki.

Jen, Delaware, USA
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