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Ouija Board Experience

Angela, OH, USA
October 2010

During the summer before my senior year of high school, I had told my friends about my grandmother's Ouija board she had hidden upstairs in her house. My friends wanted me to bring it to band camp (yes, band camp...) the next day to try it out in the school, so I did.

Our school was a small one holding about only 300 students altogether in grades K-12th so we could get away with mostly anything. At first we tried the janitor's closet in the basement of the school during our lunch break.

Between two friends and I, we had the cursor (or planchette) moving over the board but on random letters that we couldn't make any sense of. I wasn't much of a believer in Ouija boards, simply thinking it was probably just the others pushing the planchette around the board.

Lunch was over and we went back out onto the football field for band and decided to stay a little while after band camp to try out some other spots in the school. We only tried one more spot which was the corner of the gymnasium. Two seventh graders, one boy and one girl had their fingers on the planchette while sitting on the floor. We tried a boy and a girl because we had heard you can receive better messages, whether that's true or not I don't know, but it actually ended up working.

With five others watching, including myself, the two asked a question and had no result with the planchette but the board began to move quite subtly at first. Nobody was touching the board, but the board began to spin faster and faster in a circle while their fingers were still on the planchette. As soon as they took their fingers off, the board stopped spinning.

I haven't come across anyone with a similar story of the board spinning but I was wondering what, if any, meaning this may hold. I've heard Ouija boards can be a portal for demons and negative energy and I was trying to figure out if this was the case. That's when I started believing that Ouija boards actually did have connections with spirits or the supernatural beings.

Angela, OH, USA
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