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Ouija Board From Hell

Anonymous, USA
October 2009

This is not something that has actually happened to me. It happened to my mother when she was sixteen years old. My mother has always been bothered by sprits. She is sort of like, a giant magnet for paranormal activity. I have also inherited this gift and love the fact that my mother and I share such an unusual trait.

My mom and her twin sister loved reading books when they were younger, and being poor couldn't afford to buy them. Down the street from their farm house was a used book store. The lady that ran the bookstore took a liking to my mom and my aunt and would often let them borrow books, and return others (sort of like a library). One day my mom and my aunt walked down to the bookstore to exchange their books, little did they know that that trip would change their lives forever. When they had picked out their new books and where about to leave, the lady stopped them and said, "You know girls, I bought this Ouija board from and auction for my daughter, and she doesn't want anything to do with it. You can have it if you like."

Naturally my mother said thank you, and excited to play their new game, went home to test it out. At first they played around and moved it on their own creating their own ghosts and monsters. Then spirits actually started coming through and talking to them. My aunts got freaked out and refused to play with her anymore. It soon got to the point where my mother was so obsessed with the Ouija board, that she could sit Indian style in front of it and think a question in her head and watch the pointer move to the answers. Therefore she required no one to take log of the things they said. She told me that one time she asked it:
"How many spirits are in here?"

My mom told me that after the question was answered she felt like she was being suffocated, like there was at least twenty other people in the room with her. Everyone in the family, except for my grandparents, knew about my mom's unhealthy obsession. She would go to school, and draw extremely detailed portraits of angels fighting demons, or a dragon spitting fire into the heavens.

One night my grandmother was out with some friends at a local bar, when she was approached by a lady she had never seen before. She seemed to be in a frantic rush and quickly spoke to my grandmother calling her by name. She told her, "Maryann, your daughter, Lisa, is in trouble and we need to go to your house now." Without question my grandmother jumped into her car and started the drive to her house.

Halfway home the lady started driving faster and even passed her on the highway, making it to her house before my grandmother even pulled into the driveway. The lady ran upstairs and told my mother that she needed the Ouija board, because good and evil where fighting for her soul. This is enough to make any sixteen year old girl upset so she listened to the woman in awe as she told her, "Do not let the lights go out at all tonight, and try your hardest not to fall asleep, because you will have the most terrible dreams you have ever had."

So my mom, with whatever light bulb she could get her hands on, every candle and flashlight in the house, sat in her room while the mysterious lady sat outside trying her hardest to burn the Ouija board. My mom went through six light bulbs, two sets of batteries, and had to re-light candle several times that night. She ended up falling asleep three times.

The first time at the top for her driveway stood a woman in red, and at the bottom a little girl in a black dress. The little girl screamed at the top of her lungs, "YOU CANT CONTROL ME, I AM STRONGER THAN YOU" and the woman and the girl continued to argue back and forth until the little girl had lay in the dust at the bottom of the driveway.

The second dream was of a man dressed in a military uniform. He was speaking a different language but, my mother could understand him. He was talking about, how the war was over but the fighting would never end. That the urge to fight has literally been bred into both sides, and that it would never stop. The third dream was simply an angel wrapping her arms around my mom's house.

At that moment my mom woke up, and looked out the window to see if the lady had finished. She saw the lady pulling out of her driveway, and the small remains of a fire burning in the pit not far off. My mother was free. To this day my mom refuses to let me use a Ouija board, though she knows that her own misfortune came from not using it properly, she does not want me to have to go through anything even similar to that.

Anonymous, USA
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