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Ouija Board Gone Terribly Wrong

Amanda, KS, USA
July 2010

Okay, first of all, I’m not crazy. I am a 13 year old girl who goes to a catholic school. I am very religious and I don’t, or DIDN'T, believe in ghosts and demons. I always said I believed in spirits rather than ghosts and I don’t believe in the devil, I just think that he is real.

I am a completely normal girl. Before I moved into this house, I never even thought of ghosts...ever. Now, I feel like they are a vivid part of my everyday life. As much as I try to make them go away, they keep coming and coming. I don't care if you don't believe me, typing this out and telling someone about it makes me feel exceptionally better.

Now for my story. A month ago, I was sleeping in my room and I woke up at 3:06. (I remember exactly because of my grey alarm clock by my bed) and I heard someone downstairs scream my name. It sounded like my mom in a really deep voice. "Yes?" I screamed downstairs, but nobody replied. I waited a few seconds and then I heard someone scream "Amanda" two more times. I was confused. I screamed really loud, "What? Mom? What?" But, once again, nobody replied. I creeped out of bed and walked downstairs to my parents’ bedroom. My mom and stepdad were fast asleep and my older brother was at a friend’s house and my younger brother was only 6 at the time and his voice absolutely did not sound like my mom's just deeper. I ran upstairs and pulled the covers over my head. That was a minor occurrence. What happened later is much worse. Everything went back to normal. Every once in a while, I'd see a black shadow in the corner of my eye. I always told myself, it's nothing. But it was something...something I regret ignoring.

A few nights ago, I had a friend over who had recently moved to Tennessee and she was visiting her home town. I invited her over for a sleepover. We watched a scary movie so we were pretty freaked out. She told me about a time when she was at a friend’s house and they used an Ouija board and they asked the spirit if it was following her friend, and the board moved to yes. She told me they ran outside and hugged each other and cried. I was so excited. I looked up how to do a Ouija board and I finally convinced her to do one with me. I took a piece of paper, wrote yes on the left side, and no on the right side and 1234567890in between them and then the alphabet above that and "goodbye" below the numbers. We covered a table with loose-leaf paper and put the board in the middle. We put our hands on the board, and the second they touched, the wind blew really strong and we heard something tap the window.

We closed our eyes and started meditating on the question, "If you are there, show us. Can you do something?" A few seconds after we started meditating, we heard loud stomps by the bathroom (5 or 6 feet away) like a large, grown man was jumping up and down and stomping. We screamed and ran upstairs (we were in the basement) and I felt a cold sensation and all of a sudden I felt burning on my leg. I pulled my sweatpants up and saw a large scratch about 3 or 4 inches up my leg. It was bleeding slightly and we hugged each other and cried. We ran outside and took a walk. This is what freaked me out; there was no wind. We heard something tap the window because of the wind. There was no wind outside. Not even the slightest breeze. I cried really hard and said, "I have to live in that house!"

We walked back home and I remembered watching a show about ghosts and they said that animals see things we can’t (particularly spirits), so I locked my dogs downstairs. We had left some grapes, popcorn, and beef jerky downstairs so I thought the dogs would run to the food, but instead they immediately started barking and growling at something (I was standing outside the door listening) I heard one of them cry so I opened the door and they ran and hid somewhere in my house and their tails were between their legs and their heads down. I was terrified.
Once again, I felt burning on my arm. Like inside my arm. Like holding a block of ice to my arm and it’s so cold it burns. My friend, Paulina, put her hand by mine and said, "Whoa." I asked her what and she said, "Your arm...It" She placed her hand on my arm and quickly pulled it away, "It's freezing cold when I touch it! Amanda!" It burned very badly.

We hugged each other and fell asleep on my bed. So the next morning, right before she left, we heard her mom ring the doorbell. We were in my room and I definitely remember turning off the lights. I remember it 100%. After she left, I went back upstairs and all my lights were on. I ran downstairs and here I am. I am scared I made a spirit angry because my arm is still throbbing. It was been over 24 hours of pure cold pain. I need help.

Please, I beg of you, NEVER EVER use a Ouija board. For the love of God, don't do it. Please. I messed up. I messed up really bad.

Amanda, KS, USA
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