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Ouija Board Smoke

Brady M
February 2023
VA Beach, VA

I am writing this after hearing the Ouija board episode to share my own experience. It was back when I was in high school, around 2005-2006, and me and my neighborhood buddies got ahold of a Ouija board (I'm aware now that they are sold commonly, but back then it was kind of big to us). We used it a few times in my bedroom, minimal results, with one night, me being a "jerk" how Jane stated, and moving it in a way that we was talking to a dead relative.

Anyways, one night we decided to take it up a notch, and we walked with a group of friends (there was probably seven of us total, but only three of us commonly did the spooky stuff) down a trail that passed a, you guessed it, cemetery. The other four who wanted nothing to do with it hung out on the trail. The three of us spook hunters walked in, found a flat spot among the headstones, and set up.

Now, mind you, this was an older, less known cemetery, so it was especially spooky at night. We had three candles lit on the sides of the board. We sat in a three person circle and started asking away. Long story short, we did not get any activity doing the Ouija board, however, one of my friends was angry and decided to take the candle and set the corner of the board on fire.

What we heard next I can still remember in my head. The sound of a woman screaming from the wooded area around us.

We immediately ran back to the group of friends that had waited for us, who assured us that they not only did not do the scream, but also did not hear it, not that we actually thought they did, due to the fact the scream came from the opposite side of the woods that the trail was on.

We all walked back home as normal, but once we got back to my buddy's house, it was brought up again. So we decided to look up such instances, and we found information that sent chills up our backs. I do not remember the website, but essentially, if you set fire to the board during a session, it could anger nearby spirits/demons, and a scream will be heard. All those who hear the scream have 72 hours to live.

Safe to say we all lived, but talk about being spooked!

Brady M
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