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Ouija Board Telling Me To Die

Nicolas, Gatineau, Canada
March 2011

This story starts when I was 9 or 10 years old. I was with my brother watching YouTube videos about Ouija and well I wanted to know if it actually work. So my brother mike bought one and we played three times.

The first time it was more my brother asking the questions about 2012. It was telling us that it was going to happen which scared the hell out of me. But the thing that kinda made me like not so scared is that it says once you die you will become gods.

The second time it was more like gibberish talk I did not really understand what it was saying so we stopped. We played again around 12:00. My brother put candles around the Ouija board and I was holding the cross of Jesus Christ. My brother and I were asking it questions. I don't remember what we here asking it but I had to know if it was real because I thought that it was my brother moving it. I asked it the stupidest question ever - do you like the star of David? My brother told it that it was used for god in some sort of way. Then that little triangle thing was going pretty fast and it spelled out "kill yourself or I'll KILL YOU."

I took a knife stabbed it like 10 times and then burned it so now I believe in that stuff. After that I went to bed and I was woken up by chilling breeze in my room when the windows were not open. Then my TV turned on and the lights were turning on and off. I saw a shape appear at the foot of my bed and it looked like a person from the time 2000 B.C and I'm so not touching anything so dangerous in my life again.

Nicolas, Gatineau, Canada
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