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Ouija Boards

August 2006

When I was much younger my friends and I experimented quite regularly with Ouija boards.
We started when we were about 12years old doing seance's and had no idea of what we were really dealing with. One of my best friends had repercussions from a dangerous spirit for many years after doing a seance. She experienced many things which could be directly related to the seance and this spirit was hanging on to her and draining her. It was a very scary experience and after over 10years of him following her she had had enough. I told her that we were going to send him back to where he came from and decided then and there that we would meet on Wednesday night and burn the board and do a ritual to send him away and protect her.
We decided this on the Sunday night and for the next three days that spirit came to me! He was awful and as I had such strong protection around me he could not reach me except at night when I slept.
He came into my dreams and told me how he wanted to "get me" and that I was next to "cop it". I was very scared as had always thought I had good protection but the fact that he was reaching me at night scared me to no end.

When we met on the Wednesday she told me that she had not felt him at all since Sunday and I said "I know that is because he has been with me!".
We did the ritual and burnt the board and to this day he has never come back. Her life went forward ten fold after the spirit was sent away and since then she and I will not touch any boards or encourage anyone to.

I have worked with energies and spirits for many years but they are always of the light and I am always flawlessly protected.
I would not recommend to anyone the use of Ouija boards as people don't really know what they are dealing with.
Anyone who is seriously interested in talking to spirits will be provided with the right guides and situations to do so. Ouija Boards are never required.

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