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Ouija Outrage

October 2007

In the year 2005, my mom decided to buy me a Ouija board because I had been asking for one ever since I saw it being used in a film I had seen.
I was 12 at the time.

So me and my best friend Karine were getting ready to play it for the first time seeing as we didn't really believe in it 100%.
Anyway's the first few times we played we were cautious so we only asked questions like..(do you know my name, what's my phone number, what color shirt am I wearing etc..) They always seemed to answer with the correct answer. After this we started believing in it and started asking some more daring questions (now the year 2006). So we decided to ask if the spirit in the board was able to make an appearance or do something like bang on a door or something of the sort. That's when it started to get scary! I will tell you a few of the things that has happened with me and Karine since..

One time I let my dog out, and I was waiting for him to come back (standing on my porch) he was taking longer then usual so I screamed "BUDDY COME ON!" then out of nowhere I heard what sounded like a little girl probably around the age of 9 say "you mean me?" it wasn't the most dangerous words but it scared me enough to go running in the house (with my dog following) to tell my mom what had happened.

I was REALLY shaken up over this so that night I called my best friend Karine for some help and to see if anything strange had happened to her. She told me that every time she was home alone she would hear the sound of pots and pans banging together which really freaked her out also. So we made plans to get together the following weekend.

I had just arrived at her house it was 4:30 pm and it was in December so it was getting dark early. Her parents were not home so we went upstairs to her room with the Ouija board of course and we asked if the spirit was able to bang on the play room door which was in my friends room, and the board replied "ok". So we just sat there waiting and doubting anything would happen when all of a sudden the door started to shake with the sensation that someone was banging on it, we ran like crazy screaming down the stairs and out of the house because we couldn't bare to stay in the house until her parents got back.

This may not sound that scary or horrifying to you but my gosh if you were there you would be very scared too.

I do admit it was terrifying but we were kind of loving it at the same time.

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