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Ouija Warning

May 2005

My freshman year of college I had a roomate who liked to "play" with the Ouija board. Sometimes, late at night, we would play it when we were bored, something to fill the time. Of course we both thought the other was moving it.

Being a college student, I was always in need of cash. I had a word processor at the time, and would type papers for other students for money. Most of the people I typed for were "jocks" who lived in the same dorm as I did. But there was one particular fellow who always felt a little off to me, I'll call him Willy. But, at the time, money was money so I typed for him quite often.

One night, it was about 11:30, my roomie and I were talking to the same spirit we always spoke with. All of the sudden he stopped answering our questions and spelled out "Willy Bad" And that's all he would spell. A couple of minutes later there was a knock on our door. Of course that freaked us out and made us jump out of our skin!! I went to the door and opened it without checking to see who it was. The main doors to the dorm locked at 11:00 so I wasn't concerned. Willy was standing there at my door. He wanted me to type something for him - at 11:30 at night?? My roomie looked at the board and then at me with a look on her face of sheer disbelief. I told Willy that my computer was broken. He said he had keys to the computer lab that he would take me there. I told him no! He then looked at the Ouija board and started to laugh. He told us if we wanted to contact spirits to come with him to the cemetery. He started naming off the supplies he would need to contact the dead. I told him that we were not interested and shut the door as fast as I could and locked it.

That was when we both realized the Ouija board was not a game.

My roomie took it home with her that weekend and we never played with it again.

I never typed for Willy again either. He stopped calling after that night.

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