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Our Bedroom Guest

San Diego, USA
July 1999

Icurrently own my childhood home which I have resided in most of my 35 years. Our home has a long history of unusual activity, however, the most intriguing events center on the master bedroom.

I have always had the strong impression of a female presence in this room. In fact, my younger sister insists that when she was living in the room when she was ten years old or so she woke up one night to find a woman with a long shawl covering her head which was covering a small child she was holding in her arms. My sister closed her eyes and opened them again and the woman was still there. She did not feel threatened at all and eventually fell back to sleep. I have often experienced the spirit's presence since my husband and I moved into our home three years ago. The spirit was particularly active immediately after the birth of our youngest son. In the weeks after he came home, I awoke on more than one occasion to find his cradle, which was next to our bed, rocking by itself. On another occasion I was watching TV with my older son when the volume indicator suddenly appeared on the screen and started to decrease. I looked for the remote and found it sitting on the bed about five feet away from us. She would also do little things to make sure I would get up and check on the boys when they cried out in their sleep. While I would be laying there listening to see if they would quiet down on their own I would often hear a distinct rustling of cloth, like a skirt, or, on one occasion a small bell, to my immediate left. It happened so often that I am convinced she was just prodding me to get up and go to the boys.

I often have the strong sensation that I am being watched from the doorway. In fact, one evening this past Fall I received some confirmation that I am not the only one who senses her presence. My husband had gone out for the evening and I was home alone with our sons. It got to be quite late and my oldest son was still running around so, I turned out all the lights in the house, turned off the TV in our room, and put him in bed with me. About ten minutes later I had the definite impression that I was being watched from the doorway. Almost simultaneously my son said, "Mommy, I don't like being stared at." Needless to say, I turned the lights and TV on immediately after that.

When my older son was three or so we also had some indication that whatever is in our room was trying to communicate with him. Our nanny told us that one day she was in the kitchen with our infant son and our older son was in our bedroom watching TV. She heard him talking and becoming upset and went to check on him. She tried to comfort him but he insisted that she leave the room. She stepped outside and stood by the doorway outside of his line of vision. She then heard him say to someone, "I don't want to play with you. Go away! I only want to play with my Mommy, Daddy, and Debbie (our nanny)." This truly alarmed our nanny since he was clearly having a conversation with someone she could not see. Just recently, our two and a half year old son crawled in our bed in the middle of the night and was staring off toward the doorway. He suddenly said, "Do you live here?" I looked at him and said, "Of course I do." He totally ignored me, kept looking at the doorway, and repeated, "Do you live here?" Coincidence? I don't know, but he is the same age our older son was when he started having problems with the entity.

Finally, we had a really interesting experience last week. Once again, I was sitting in our room with the boys and our dog watching TV. The bedroom door was open and the door directly across the hall was closed. We were shocked when the door across the hall began to slam violently within in its frame, four or five times, as if someone really wanted to get out of the room. The dog went berserk and began barking and growling. After I regained my composure, I took the dog with me and went into the room across the hall. There was nothing unusual and none of the windows or exterior doors in the house were open. I closed the door again and returned to my room. The dog was still agitated, with her ruff up, standing at attention. I then watched her track something with eyes across my room at the ceiling level. I could see nothing, but it sure looked like she did.

The latter incident is unusual in that the spirit or, whatever is in the room is usually quite quiet and subtle in its activity. We live with it and, I think that on some level, it seems to look after us.

San Diego, USA
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