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Our Friend Frank

Sara and Miranda, Virginia, USA
November 2001

Many people talk about their schools being haunted and so on, but we are here tell you about one that many people from our area believe is true.

Frank was the music teacher at our school when it first was built in the 1950's. He was a very skilled pianist and held many concerts in the auditorium during his time at our school. Frank died in the 1970's. No one was really sure how.

A few years ago our softball coach, who is also the math teacher, was staying late after practice to grade papers. His room is about 4 or 5 rooms away from the auditorium. It was around 8:30 or 9 when he heard the piano starting to play. He went down there knowing that no one else was in the school besides him. When he walked through the set of doors he saw a man in a full tuxedo walking up the middle aisle. He looked up to the stage and when he looked back the man was gone. He walked up into the lobby and there was no sign of anyone being there. The Auditorium doors were locked so no one could have got in or out.

There was no way that anybody could have made it up the aisle, into the lobby, and out the doors that fast. Also if he had went out the auditorium doors he would have heard him because when those doors shut they echo throughout the second floor.

We do not know for sure if it was Frank or someone else, seeing that the school was used for many purposes back then. But many teachers and students have reported hearing the piano play at night or having the doors in the auditorium or anywhere in the school slam shut or open by them selves.

Everyone still thinks its Frank just letting us know that he is still around! Sometimes when walking down the hall or going to the bathroom you get the feeling that someone is with you. Franks presence has never tried to hurt anyone and never felt threatening. No one still knows how Frank died, but he's still living on at our school!!!

Sara and Miranda, Virginia, USA
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