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Our Ghost Cat

Victoria, Cornwall, UK
December 2003

This is really something that happened a long time ago, and until recently I had almost forgotten about it. I have lived in this house all my life (I am 23) and it was built by my Dad, 27 years ago. I have no idea how this house could be haunted, but I know what I've seen.

When I was about six, I remember not being able to sleep one night, so I got up and went down the hall to get a drink from the kitchen. I then went to speak to my parents in the living room and went back to bed.

As I got to my doorway, which incidently was in full light, with my light and the hall light being on, I saw a cat walking out of my room. It was so beautiful. Long haired, white with ginger patches. It had the most beautiful face, and was ever so slightly hazy. We had a cat, but this wasn't it, and all the doors were locked. As it walked toward me, I remember thinking, if this is a ghost surely it will disappear. A couple of seconds later, it looked right into my eyes and disappeared. The funny thing was I wasn't scared at all. I went back and told my parents who dismissed it as my being too tired. I've often wondered about this, trying to pass my experience off as a dream, but I know I was awake, I had just spoken to my parents. But over the years it became a distant memory.

Anyway, about a month ago, I woke in the night to find I couldn't move. I dismissed this as sleep paralysis, which I had heard of but never experienced. As I was lying there though, I felt something on my leg. It felt like a cat was climbing on my duvet. I felt paws climb from my ankle right up to above my elbow, and I could hear meowing. It stopped and I could open my eyes. I decided everything was fine and went back to sleep.

The next day, in the car with my Mum, I told her what had happened and reminded her of the cat I'd seen seventeen years ago. She said that she saw a cat once too. It ran into the kitchen when she was ironing, and then when she turned around it was gone. She said she couldn't remember if it was white or ginger, but the one thing she could remember is that it was so beautiful and had long hair.

I'd love to know more about our cat, I'm not afraid but interested. Does anyone know anything about ghostly animals? Or is it common to have a haunted house with no history? Or what about the fact we've only seen it twice?

Thanks for reading my story!

Victoria, Cornwall, UK
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