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Our House (1)

Anonymous, Ontario, Canada
August 2018

Almost seven years ago I moved into our house with my boyfriend and his mother. We had known each other for quite some time and we wanted to make a go of it. They had originally moved in a few years before with his half sister and his father. I dont' wish to go into many details, but after only a couple of years of living in this house, his father had gotten sick with bowel cancer and died in Sunnybrook Hospital a few months later. The sister moved on with her life and it was just the two of them after that.

After about a year or so of us living together, his mother moved out to take care of her elderly mother, and left us to take care of the property, it was just the two of us and the dogs and cats after that. Ever since I moved in, I couldn't put my finger on it, but it felt as though I was always being watched. I then started asking questions about the house and its history, to his family and neighbours. I know for a fact, it is on record, there have been AT LEAST two confirmed deaths an our old farmhouse, another incident where an elderly woman went missing somewhere on the hundred acre property, and of his own father getting sick with cancer and dying.

The first death was when a man was struck on the head with a two by four and dying instantly, another man shot himself in the back bedroom. The elderly woman wondered off into the bush and the body was never recovered.

My boyfriend used to work factory night shifts and there was one instance when I saw the reflection of a figure in the glass case in the living room. No one else was at the house and he was at work.

We have been never been able to heat this place, we burn through OVER two double loads of logs each winter... which is absolutely ridiculous and still this house is cold. Everyone we have talked to said that this house could never been heated.

We have had things moved in the house, items that we know each other didn't touch. Broken clocks that aren't supposed to work start to move. Our cats totally freaked out by something that is in the attic, and our dogs barking at nothing. Some of our neighbors refuse to go into this place and won't say why, but that they would rather talk outside.

I know it sounds phony, but I've never shared this with anyone because I don't want to sound crazy or over dramatic. A couple months ago, my boyfriend and I were about to go to sleep and we started talking about this place potentially being haunted and we BOTH heard something move outside our bedroom hallway. It's a one hundred year old farm house so the floors creak almost everywhere in the house, so we didn't think much of it and kept talking when we both heard something smack the doorframe of our bedroom three times very loudly. That was the last time we discussed this place.

If I had days to go on about different incidents I could, but I don't have the time. I just thought maybe sharing this information would make me feel better and feel like I'm not so crazy. All I can say is this, I KNOW that there's a presence in this house, and I'm still not sure of its intent, but I guess in the long run if it is still here or we are, we may find out. Maybe not.

Anonymous, Ontario, Canada
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