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Our House (2)

Tegan, NSW, Australia
March 2011

Three months ago, I moved from my home town to Bathurst with my best friend. It had taken us a month and a half to find a place that would suit us. We saw this one and knew immediately that it was what we wanted.

As soon as you walk in the front door, you're in the lounge room and in front of you is the door to the hallway. When you walk into the hallway, the third bedroom is in front of you, the kitchen door is to the left and about five steps down, to the right of the hallway is the second bedroom door which is right next to the third room, and then you have the toilet. Walk two steps to the right and turn right and you have the bathroom door to your left, the linen cupboard on your right and the master bedroom in front of you. Sorry if that's confusing.

Anyway, my friend took the master bedroom and I took the second room, purely because the third bedroom is creepy. It is used as the guest room and the door is always closed. We have a boxer puppy named Xerxes that was sleeping inside with us at the time too.

The first thing that happened in this house was about 4 nights into it. I had fallen asleep on the lounge watching some movie about a giant cobra and Komodo dragon. Emma (my friend) had gone to bed about 2 hours before hand. Anyway, I woke up at about 1:30am. I turned off the TV and everything and walked into my room. I got into bed and was trying to sleep when I heard what sounded like a window slamming shut.

We have those old fashioned windows that have the latch on top of the bottom half of the window and you slide it up. So it sounded like one of those being closed and it sounded like it was coming from the spare room (it only has one window). I sat bolt upright and out loud I said "NUH!" and got out of bed and went to Emma's room. I opened her door and turned her light on. She stirred and just stared at me.

I told her I had heard a window slam shut and it came from the spare room. She gave me a questioning look and asked me if it actually heard it or if I was imagining it. I swore to her that I heard it. We lay in her bed for a while, just listening for any noise. After about ten minutes, we heard noises around the house. I know it doesn't seem like ghost activity, could have just been someone trying to break in, but there was a strange, heavy feeling around.

We got up and went to investigate. I plucked up enough courage to look in the spare room. The window was closed, but it was really cold. We went outside and looked around. Nothing was out of place, except there was a slash in the fly screen of one of my windows. Emma and I walked around the front and looked around. Nothing out there either. We went back inside for about five minutes then checked out the back again.

The fly screen that was cut was now off the window and leaning against the wall. None of the clips that were holding it in place had been moved. We would have heard someone rip it off, which was strange. We went out the front again, armed with sticks and looked around, still nothing. Emma said she was going inside for a few minutes and left me out the front. I must stress that we both had been keeping really quiet just in case we heard something. About a minute after Emma went inside, she sung out to me and asked me where I was. I told her I was still out the front and she told me to go around the back. The fly screen on the spare room window had been thrown on the ground. And again the clips hadn't been moved. We both decided to just go back inside and leave it. We went back into her room and lay down (I wasn't staying in my room by myself.) After laying there for about half an hour, we heard banging.

We have a garage that isn't attached to the house that's metal. We never park the car in there and the door is always locked and you can't open the roller door from the outside. Anyway, it sounded like someone banging a pole against the wall of the garage on the inside, because you could hear it echoing. Emma said it sounded like someone bouncing a basketball around in there. It was at a steady pace. Mind you, it was about 4 in the morning at this point so I highly doubted that someone would be up at that hour trying to piss us off. This went on for about ten minutes, then the sound faded into nothing. We were both freaked. Needless to say, we didn't sleep until the sun had started to rise. Our dog slept through the entire thing.

One day, about a week after the incident with the windows and the banging, Emma and I had come home from shopping at about 5pm. We walked to our rooms and noticed that the spare room door and it window were wide open. Like I said before, we ALWAYS keep that door closed. We went to our rooms and those windows were wide open too. The fly screens were still on (we had put the screens back up on the windows.) The windows in the bathroom, toilet, and kitchen were open too. No fly screens were off the windows and nothing had been taken. I had my video camera, digital camera and laptop sitting out in the open so you'd think if someone broke in, they'd take that stuff. We were a little spooked but just closed all the windows and didn't talk about it.

The next thing was footsteps. Every night Emma and I close all the doors, the lounge room, kitchen and we make sure the spare room door is still closed. I sleep with my door open so it's easier for me to hear things, plus it doesn't seem as scary for some reason. Anyway, nearly every night, I hear footsteps walk up the hallway from the kitchen door to spare room. I never hear any doors open. I've looked a few times, but nothing is ever there. So I sleep with my doona over my head and have a little peephole that I can breathe out of, just in case something decides to make an entrance in my room. I know a 20 year old hiding under the covers every night, sounds lame.

The door to the kitchen is glass, which is kinda spooky in its own right, but whenever I close it and have my back turned, walking away from it, I feel someone watching me. I hate the feeling so I power walk to my room or into the lounge room.

About two months ago me and my boyfriend had broken up (he's one of Emma's close friends) and Emma and I had a massive fight, so I stayed at my friend's house for the night. Brad had come around home and was with Emma in her room. She has two windows in her room and in front of one of them, she has her dressing table. The curtains hang behind the dresser. Emma told me that they had been talking about me when the curtain blew up from behind the dressing table and came to rest over it.

Brad had looked at Emma and asked if she had seen it too, which she had. She said that none of her windows were open as it was cold. She had looked at the time and it was 3.15am.

While I'm on the topic of Emma's room, she has told me that every night, she wakes up and there is someone standing near her bed. She does a double take and they disappear. She doesn't really believe in ghosts and stuff, so she has no reason to lie about this. One night, she swears she woke up and felt someone standing behind her and heard a voice say "Honey, you awake?" She said the voice sounded like her boyfriend's, which was odd because he lives 3 hours away. She said whenever she sees the figure in her room she just goes back to sleep and tries to not think about it.

We have moved our dog outside so he can be more of a guard dog. And every night, he barks at the side of the house. At first we thought it could have been people walking past, but I doubt people would walk past our house constantly all night. We have now put barbed wire along the top of our fences so no one can jump over them, and we would be able to hear them yelp if they did. Both Emma and I have heard footsteps outside our windows and the dog barking. The footsteps are evenly paced, so it cant be the dog, and we'd hear someone jump the fence. It's really creepy.

The last experience I'd like to share happened a week ago. I'll explain the layout of my room. My bed is against right wall and on that wall, is one of my windows, the one that had been slashed to be exact. At the foot of my bed is my DVD rack, which is against the wall, which has my other window and across from my bed on the left wall, is my dressing table and cupboard. I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep when I heard two distinct knocks above my head. It sounded like it was on glass, but my window isn't above my head. I laid there for a few second, thinking about what I heard and jumped up and walked into Emma's room yet again. I slept in her room that night. While we were lying there, the light in the hallway flickered (we always leave that light on of a night).

There have been a few other things, like someone blowing in our ears, and only day I was sitting on my bed and it sounded like someone was breathing behind me. In the next few weeks, my boyfriend and two of Emma's friends are moving in. I wonder if they'll have anything paranormal happen to them.

Tegan, NSW, Australia
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