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Our Little Boy and Other Spookiness

Nikki, Louisiana, USA
May 2003

Around Christmas in 1999, my friend Mary and I decided to have our lunch at Friendship Park in Picayune, MS.

We get to the park, eat and then decide to swing for a bit before we left. We were completely alone in the park, no one had come or gone the whole time we had been there. Out of nowhere, Mary asks me "Did you see that?" and I said " See what??" She told me to look by the trash cans by the gazebo and see if I saw anything, and I looked and saw a little boy in bluejean shorts and a white shirt. We couldn't see his face, but he looked pretty young to be there alone.

We got up to walk over to the little boy, and he just disappeared. We were pretty spooked, so we decided to just leave, and as we were about to drive away, we saw him again walking up the ramp on the gazebo.

Anyway, a few nights later we were out taking pictures of Christmas lights around Picayune, so we decided to go by the park and see if we could get one of 'our' little boy (we still call him that). At the park, we just sit in her truck in the parking lot in front of the gazebo, where we had first seen him. No sign of anything. Twenty minutes go by and I see something moving out of the corner of my eye right eye coming from the field. I look over and see a black..shadowy..blob..I guess you could say oozing towards us. Mary's on the drivers side looking out and shes tellin' me about one coming from the left side. They seemed to be moving pretty slowly, but we weren't taking any chances. Mary sped out of there so fast it was unbelievable.

We drive on the side street by my house and we see a light on in the upstairs bathroom and don't think too much of it until we pull into my driveway and we see that the light is off and no one is there. My stepsister was in Texas for Christmas and my parents had gone out. So we left. We investigated later on and discovered that there were no light bulbs in the upstairs bathroom, my stepmom had taken them out because she needed them for a light in the kitchen. So where did that light come from??

Another incident involving Mary happened a few months later, around Spring Break.

We were in my old bedroom downstairs getting dressed to go out, walking back and forth to the bathroom mirror and whatnot. We spot my stepsisters cat Tigger and wonder why he's downstairs, Mary Grace (my stepsister) had left hours ago to spend the night with a friend and her door was shut. Mary (my friend Mary) reluctantly walks up the stairs to put Tigger back in the room (with me standing at the bottom of the stairs because she was scared because of what had happened a few months earlier) and as she reaches out to turn the doorknob, it turns and the door opens by itself! Mary threw Tigger and and pulled the door closed and ran down the stairs. I know that may not scare you, but it freaked us out.

One night, my cousin Rae and I had just gotten back from our friend Jeremy's house and we were laying on the couches in the living room across from one another. The TV was off and so were most of the lights except one little light over the kitchen stove, which was in the adjoining room.

As we're talking Rae sits up fast and says "whoa, what the hell was that?" I hadn't seen or heard anything so all I could do was shrug. She told me she had seen a dark shadow, shaped like a person, cross from the bathroom, walk into the kitchen and then into my room. Well, my bedroom door being shut and locked, I said it was impossible. So we get up, go over to my bedroom door, I unlock it reach in and flip the light on. Nothing. Just as I was about to tell her she was imagining things because of what I had told her about my experience with Mary, a cool gust of wind blew by me, then her and back towards the bathroom area. So, I shut up.

I have a lot more stories to tell, and they get..really freaky. The latest one happened only 2 months ago. But I'll save that for another time.

Thanks for reading.

Nikki, Louisiana, USA
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