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Our Movie Date

Maryland, USA
March 2000

It was just a week ago that I went with two friends, in the early evening, to the movies. It was a rare night away from our husbands & kids, and we were in good spirits, talking & laughing before the show. In other words, we were in no way expecting to see ghosts.

About halfway through the movie, I happened to notice a man sitting four or five rows ahead of us, right at the end near the aisle. I thought it was kind of odd - I know, people do go to the movies alone, but still... I shifted my eyes to focus on him, and, as you might have guessed, there was no one there. I was surprised, but not really horrified - I've had a few incidents with ghosts over the years. I figured, if nothing else, it would make a good story to tell my friend as we were driving home. Well, after I told her about it, she said that she was glad that I said something, because she, too, had a strange experience. She told me that just before the movie started, she saw someone sitting next to me - she said she could make out a sleeve and a hand. By the time it registered that it wasn't my hand she was looking at, it was gone. She asked me what the man I had seen was wearing. Well, it was obviously dark in the theater, but I told her I had the impression that it was a dark jacket, maybe plaid. As soon as I said that, she started groaning, don't say plaid!!!! Apparently, the sleeve she had seen was a dark plaid also.

We have no idea who our mystery date was, but I can assure you - I wasn't happy having to drive home alone after I dropped my friend off!

Maryland, USA
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