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Our New Home (1)

Sharon, Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2007

We purchased our first home in Comox, British Columbia. We were so excited about the move into our house with our two young children that it didn't occur to us that there would be a possibility of a spirit in our first home.

The house was a 30 year old rancher with three bedrooms, den and two baths at one end of the house. At the other end was the livingroom, kitchen, and diningroom. We had just moved in, and I guess it would have been the second or third night in the house. Our two children were tucked into their beds, and my husband was already in ours. I was getting ready to undress in our bedroom when at the end of the hall, by the kitchen, a picture that I had leaned against the wall fell over with a "thud". I walked down the hall, stood the picture back up and leaned it again against the wall, and then proceeded to go back to our bedroom. When I reached our bedroom, I heard the "thud" again. I turned around and the picture was over again. Once again I went down the hall, leaned the picture against the wall again. Except this time I leaned it on more of an angle. I proceeded down to our bedroom again, made it in the door and "thud". Sure enough, the picture was over again! I decided at that time that the picture was staying over. The next morning I was the first one out of bed. I went into the livingroom and sat down on a stool we had by one of the chairs, and stared out our beautiful large bowed window. Out of nowhere a smack noise came and the window shook. It was like someone slapped the window, but nothing was there, nothing had hit it.

Things were a bit strange in our new home. A week or so after we moved in I was in the kitchen loading the dishwasher. I just finished closing the dishwasher and my husband walked behind me and carried on down towards the bedrooms. I walked out of the kitchen into the livingroom and my husband was sitting on the sofa. I asked him if he went to the bedrooms to check on our sleeping children. He said he hadn't. I know something brushed by me in the kitchen. I then told my husband about my concerns with the house and that I was the only one it seems that anything was happening to.

A few nights later my children were in bed and my husband was at work. I was enjoying an evening to myself watching TV, when my VCR turned on and my TV turned off. I turned on the TV again and shut off the VCR. This little scenario played out for about half an hour when I once more gave in and went to bed. The last instance that happened in the house was a short time later. I was in the kitchen cleaning up after supper and my husband was in the livingroom scolding our five year old daughter about leaving her toys everywhere. I came out of the kitchen and sat down next to my husband. When I looked up at my daughter there was a little girl, roughly the age of my daughter, with long blonde hair and a long white night gown standing behind her. I turned to tell my husband and when I looked back, she was gone. Again, no one heard or saw anything, only me.

That was the only time I saw the little girl. It was also the last time that anything happened in the house. However, when I went to hang the picture that the spirit didn't want leaning against the wall, it was then I realized that the picture was a painting that my sister painted of my daughter with long blonde hair and she was wearing a long white night gown.

Sharon, Nova Scotia, Canada
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