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Our New House (2)

Georgia, USA
July 1998

My husband and I bought our house in September of 93. We had been married about two months and our daughter was three. Our daughter's room was across the hall from ours. One night we were in bed talking when we heard noise from a toy. Our daughter had been in bed about three hours and all I could think was there was a toy in the toy box pressed against another toy. My husband went to the play room to find the noise and I decided to check on our daughter. I looked on the dresser and her porcelain music teddy bear was moving. I immediately called my husband to see what I was seeing. We put our daughter in our bed for the night.

One afternoon it was just my husband and I at home. It had been storming and we had the TV and stereo off and unplugged. The storm had been over for about an hour but we were on the couch reading magazines. We heard a noise through the stereo speaker. My husband said it might be a CB radio frequency coming from the highway. I pointed out that the stereo was unplugged.

We have heard bells ringing from no source. Objects being removed from the bathroom and found in the playroom. I accused our daughter of doing this one day and she always owned up to her antics. This day she cried and told me "I didn't do it Mommy. He did it!!" This sent chills down my spine.

I decided to keep children in my home. They stayed in the playroom or living room. I had about four children one day and they were in the playroom. I walked past the playroom into the hall towards the bathroom when I was hit by a horrible odor. It was a mixture of rotting meat, a medicinal smell, and a cleaning agent. Of course the first thing I did was run in the playroom to see what the kids had gotten ahold of. They were sitting in the floor playing with a board game. They all looked at me like I was crazy. I walked out and noticed the smell was gone. I headed towards the kitchen and the smell was there. It was in a two cubic feet area. I noticed that it moved from space to space. It didn't spread but stayed in a two cubic feet area. I called my father-in-law because I thought that it may be faulty wiring. He told me to call the local fire department and they would come out to check it. So, I called the fire dept.. They sent someone out immediately. When the fireman walked in the door he smelled it. When he walked to the hallway it was gone. He went to the kitchen and he noticed the smell moved from space to space not spreading. They checked the attic, every closet, and the crawl space looking for faulty wiring. He said that it did not smell like faulty wiring. He said that he had never smelled anything like it before. Jokingly he said "Maybe we're not the ones you should be calling.". That made me feel better.

One afternoon I was cooking lunch for the kids and they were watching TV when an argument broke out about were one of the children was going to sit. He wanted to sit next to his brother but my daughter said he couldn't because someone was there. I saw an empty space and told her he could sit there if he wanted to. She said "No he can't. Shelby is sitting there." My daughter didn't even look in that direction just out of the corner of her eye. I told her Shelby was on the couch. She said very non-chalantly "Well, someone's sitting there." That really bothered me but I just blew it off.

I finally called a friend who is into spiritual phenomena. She told me to pour salt around my house and to recite Psalm 23. I was desperate so I did this. A couple of days later my daughter was gone to her grandmother's house. It was about 5:00 in the afternoon. I was on the couch talking to my sister-in-law on the phone. The hallway was to my right. My bedroom was on the left my daughters on the right. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow go from her room to ours. I stopped mid-sentence and my sister-in-law asked what was wrong. I told her what I saw and I said it must be my imagination. We picked the conversation back up. I saw another shadow go back from my room to my daughters. Once again I stopped mid-sentence. She asked me if it happened again. I told her it did. By this time I start feeling a very creepy. I decided to ignore it for the second time. We began talking and it happened a third time. I decided to wait for my husband outside.

My husband had heard a couple things and said "When I see something float by I'll worry about it". Well one Sunday morning after our second daughter was born I was cooking breakfast. My husband was on the couch lounging with our children. All of a sudden I hear him jump up and he came running into the kitchen. He asked "Did you hear that?". I didn't know what he was talking about. He said one of the dresser drawers in the girl's room slammed shut. He was very adamant. I told him to calm down it was probably the girls. He said they had been with him on the couch and that "I know what the hell I heard!!" He never yells at me so I know he was freaked out. The next day I was getting ready for work. My husband had left about thirty minutes before. I was getting the baby ready on the couch and my five year old was sitting next to me. Then I heard the dresser drawer slam. Needless to say I ran out of the house. I got to work with my shirt buttoned wrong and one button missing.

These are just the main things other than one major incident and when I tell it I feel crazy. So I put that one down to being really tired. I woke up one night with a very strange feeling. I got up to check on the children and I glanced in their room. My five year old was holding a baby doll in her arms. It was lying flat. It was one of those that it's eyes close when laid flat. It's eyes were open. This didn't bother me because I know they get stuck. I went to the bathroom and came back by the girl's room. I decided to look in one more time. The doll's eyes were closed. I was standing at the door about ten feet from the bed at a diagonal angle. The hall light was shining into the room onto the bed. I swear by all that is holy that I saw the arm wiggle. Not really the arm but the fingers. I closed and rubbed my eyes thinking I had sleep in my eyes. I looked again and the doll's eyes were open and the fingers were still moving slightly. I ran to my room and woke my husband. I was frantic and I scared him. I guess he thought someone had broken in the house. When he finally understood what I was telling him he was looking at me like I was crazy. He went to the girls room and the dolls eyes were shut. He saw no movement. I made him remove the doll and he placed it on the kitchen table. I got no sleep that night. The next day I returned home from work and the doll was still on the table. Every time I looked at that thing I felt nauseous. I finally picked the doll up, opened the carport door and hurled it out into the driveway about the time my husband pulled up. I expected him to laugh at me and I told him as much. He told me he could never laugh at me about something that upset me as bad as I was the night before.

In Sept of 96 my husband and I were involved in a serious car accident. We spent 15 weeks away from home because my parents had to take care of us. Since we have returned there have been no instances to report. Maybe the being felt sorry for us and figured out we couldn't run too well. Whatever the reason it would still be reassuring to know the cause of all the mischief.

Georgia, USA
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