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Our Old House

Mark Brown, CA, USA
April 2001

When I lived in My old house everyone always thought I was crazy, but to this day I believe it was haunted.

I used to get up in the middle of the night to get water or something, and in the middle of the hallway It would be very cold, always in that very spot, windows closed and heater running. Once I felt a hand grab me but nothing was there.
I'd be watching TV, and I'd get that feeling, like when someone's sneaking up behind you, which never happened in the house I live in now.

The bathroom light would go on by itself and flicker in the middle of the night, and once I went outside and saw my bedroom light turn on through the window.

Me and my friend loved to play matchbox cars in my bedroom, but if we'd look away, one of the cars sometimes would end up under my bed sheets.

We had a heater that was made of tin and when It turned on It would make a series of clanging noises. One night during the beginning of summer the heater started clanging repeatedly during the nighttime, in an order that lasted all night. all night.

By far the strangest (and creepiest) thing was when I was younger, I walked to my room and saw a figure walking out my bedroom door.
I still think I saw a person looking out at me when I left the house for the last time, If we had a spirit, or a ghost in the house I am thankful it never bothered me or my family much.

Mark Brown, CA, USA
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