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Our Own Haunted House

Carrie Davis, OK, USA
August 2004

Iused to be the type of person who didn't really think that there was a such thing as ghosts. I have since changed my whole opinion on the subject.

My husband and I just bought our first house this past April. Our house was built in 1960 and was lived in by the same people for the past 40 years. Now if you are expecting a scary story you might just want to skip to the next story because I believe the ghost we have just isn't very scary.

Let me start by telling you that in 1965 the owners, The Bartletts, needed more room in the house but it wasn't zoned to add on, so they decided to go down. They hand dug a basement which was completed in 1969. Our basement is complete with a living room, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom (it even has a fireplace!!). We were excited to have such an addition to our home but I have to be truthful, since our encounters we don't spend much time down there anymore.

The first time anything ever happened it was with me and my four year old son. We had just settled down in the living room to watch some TV and it was pretty late at night. All of a sudden we heard a huge shattering noise from downstairs. My first thought was someone was breaking in, but after scoping it out I realized a florescent light had rolled off the counter and broke on the floor. I'm sure your thinking big deal, but it is. You see there were 6 lights stacked on the kitchen counter that had been there since we had first looked at the house in February, we never touched them or moved them to make them fall but that night for some reason the one on the top rolled off, leaving the other 5 just as they were. Now here is the spooky part, as I was just getting ready to turn the light off and leave the basement, I noticed a huge puddle of water on the floor (it was raining that night). My conclusion is that "somebody" alerted me to the leak that night.

The next time anything happened was a couple of nights later and this time it happened to my husband.

He was downstairs watching TV because it stays cool down there. Let me explain to you that I had told him about what had happened to me and he just laughed. So after he was down there a while I can hear him running as fast as he could up the stairs. When he got to the top he was white as a ghost himself. He had heard this noise he explained as something just going around him in circles. He said the first time he heard it, he shrugged it off but after the third time he had enough. This time I was the one laughing, but just a few days later I was in bed and heard the same noise. It could only be explained as a noise that sounded like it went right around me and nowhere else. I didn't return to that room that night till he went with me.

The other three things have just happened the past couple of weeks.

We were all asleep one night and our bedroom TV kept going on and off, then the ceiling fan started going on and off and finally our light was flickering. When I had had enough I stood up to leave the room and all the above mentioned things started going off in the living room. I went to try and wake my husband up and my sons light started to go off and on. I ran to the breaker and turned the main switch but it continued to happen. As I was about to lose my cool it quit.

I didn't sleep very well that night.

The next thing that happened was on a stormy night. I had fallen asleep in the living room and was woken by our doorbell ringing at one in the morning. I jumped up and answered the door but nobody was there. I went to the bedroom and noticed the alarm clock blinking (the power had been off sometime) so I assumed our "friend" had come to the rescue one more time.

The last thing happened just the other day.

Our 4 year old was having one of those days where he was just a brat and we had banished him to his room. He was throwing a tantrum of great magnitude and I think the ghost disliked it. Every toy he has in that room that makes noise went off at the same time as did the light. I thought he was going to pee his pants!!! Now we have a child that is scared to death in his own home. So as you can tell, we definitely have something going on in our we like to call our own haunted house.

Carrie Davis, OK, USA
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