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Our Poltergeist

Crystal Landgren, Nebraska, USA
March 2002

Since I was a child, I would experience strange things happening. My parents recalled an incident when I was about 6 or 7 years old:

My father used to live in an old farm house and I can remember not liking that house too much. One day my mother was in the kitchen making dinner and my cousin and I were upstairs in the spare room where my stepfather kept his musical equipment from the band he played in. While up there, my cousin and I were at the window playing with the GI Joe's or something to that affect.

Suddenly, something hit one of the symbols on the drum set. We were so frightened by this, we went flying out of the room as fast as our little legs could take us. My mother was yelling at us for playing with the drum set and we tried to explain to her that it wasn't us. She went upstairs to check it out but found nothing. She admits, now, that she believed us then, but just didn't want to frighten us. That very night my cousin and I were trying to sleep in the living room of that old house and we could hear the sound of someone coming down the stairs and walk into the kitchen.

We were petrified and hid under our blankets. We heard the cabinets in the kitchen open and close and also the refrigerator door open and shut. At this point, we began yelling for my mother and she and my stepfather came out to see what was going on. My stepfather went into the kitchen and again, as when my mother checked the music room, nothing was there.

Another time, in the same house, my mother and I were in the kitchen and her little china plates she had hanging on the wall just started flying full force across the room, smashing on the other wall and all over the room. Needless to say, we left them there until my stepfather got home so he could see what we experienced. My mother was in the bathroom getting ready to take a shower when the toilet flushed by itself. She called for my stepfather and all of a sudden, the floor tiles started popping up off the floor, one cutting her foot. She had to be taken to the hospital and ended up getting several stitches due to this event. We ended up moving out of this house.

Crystal Landgren, Nebraska, USA
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