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Our Unfriendly Farewell

June 2007

From early on in my relationship with my husband I became aware of his sensitivity to spirits. I myself can feel when they are around but have never seen them. We have now been married many years and have children who also have this "special gift".

In March 2006 my family had just bought a home in a city 30 miles from the home we were currently renting. The rental home was about 60 years old and had a single finished bedroom in the basement that our children were not very comfortable sleeping in. We had experienced many episodes of activity in our home during the 6 years of living there. Most of these were focused on the children and my husband. These consisted of tapping on pipes in the basement to my children waking in the middle of the night to someone standing beside their bed. My second to the oldest came up the stairs one morning to see someone who he described as a woman with long black hair covering her eyes just standing in the dining room. These experiences were frightening and we were happy to be moving to a new home that we felt wouldn't have these types of spirits hanging around. What we didn't expect was the frightening farewell these guys were going to give us!

The purchase of our new home was very unexpected and we planned on moving in about 2 weeks. We thought it would be best if I stayed in the rental for the last week with the youngest children to wrap up the last minute packing and the last week of my job. My husband and the older children went to our new home and my husband got busy setting up his office there.

I was a little nervous about staying there alone so I set up the kids sleeping bags on my bedroom floor so we would be together. Things went pretty well until the second to the last night of staying there.

That night I stayed up real late packing up the last of the basement. I sent the children to bed as I was finishing up the storage room. I kept feeling like I was being watched by someone not very pleasant. I tried to just ignore the feeling and tell myself I was just being a baby. When the feeing wouldn't leave I decided to go to bed.
That night I had a nightmare of a man with a shaved head and skin that looked like he had been burned real bad. This becomes very important in a minute.

The next morning I got the kids up and was getting breakfast ready when my 8 year old son came into the kitchen looking very pale. I asked him what was wrong. He told me he was using the bathroom and had looked up in the mirror (our bathroom had a mirror covering the wall behind the toilet and the wall beside it) and had seen a man with a shaved head and burnt skin closing his eyes and smiling at him. This as you can imagine scared him very badly and he ran out of the bathroom. I went into the bathroom with him to see if he was still there and there was a very putrid smell lingering in the air. We didn't experience anything as dramatic as that again in the last nights there.
The scariest thing was that after we joined the rest of our family at the new house my older boys told me they had dreamed about the same man the night I did. I don't think he was too happy about us leaving that house and wanted to give us a big scary farewell.

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