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Out Of Order

Nina, California, USA
January 2000

This happened about 2 years ago in my college. It was during finals week, and I was there late studying with a group of kids. We all decided to head home as it was getting late and the campus was becoming more emptier. As I was walking back to the car, I had the urge to go to the bathroom ? so rather than waiting another half hour for my trip home, I decided to go to the bathroom at school, there were a bunch of students in the fountain that was a few feet from the restroom ? so I felt a little safer, and proceeded to the restroom.

The bathroom was well lit; it had seven stalls including the handicap one, everything looked normal. The room was extremely cold, cold enough that I can see my breath. But I thought nothing much of it since it was winter. I got to the last stall (the handicap one) hung my backpack on the hanger, and did my business. One minute had not gone by when I heard a faint voice on the other end of the bathroom "God please help me." It sounded like a girl. I thought it was a figment of my imagination when I heard it again, this time a little louder "please God help me!" A gust of wind came through the bathroom, and the little hairs on the back of my neck stood straight up ? I knew something was not good. I heard heavy footsteps approaching the bathroom, heavy boots, like those of a man. It came in the bathroom; the room filled with pure evil -I began to pray. One by one the bathroom stall doors were whipped open and the girls voice gasped, she kept saying, "No please! No please! I beg of you!" The bathroom stalls shook, it seemed that this person was hitting this girl and her body was being thrown against the stall, making the rest of them shake.

I just sat there half naked, filled with terror, thinking of all my loved ones, praying to God, knowing that I was going to be the next one that person was going to take care of. I lifted my feet up so whoever was there could not see that there was someone else in there too. There was a silence, a weary silence ? then the person opened each stall, I assume to make sure that no one else was in there. He came closer and closer, and then there at my bathroom door stood a pair of black boots, a pair of male black boots, I thought I was sure to die ? this man was going to kill me too. He just stood there for a couple of seconds though and then turned around and left.

I almost fainted because I was holding my breath in fear that he would hear me breathing, but I was relieved.

An eternity must have gone by. I just sat there half naked wondering what I was going to see when I got out. Was she dead?? Did he kidnap her?? What happened?? I braced myself for the worst. How was I going to help the police when they would question me?? I thought of a million things. I finally got the courage to get up and see what happened. I put on my pants, and slowly opened the door. To my surprise, the bathroom looked normal, it wasn't even cold in there anymore. I was confused, I checked every stall and there were no signs of anything. I went back to my stall to get my backpack, and I was paralyzed with fear again. There at my door was a huge sign that read "OUT OF ORDER", a sign so noticeable that I was sure that it would have caught my attention when I got to the bathroom. It was black with red letters, and taped all around, so someone must have taken their time in putting it there. But it wasn't there when I got to the bathroom. The weirder thing was that the toilet was in perfect working order.

The group of students that were outside the bathroom were still there, and I asked them if they saw a man come out of the bathroom, they all shook their heads and said no. I said nothing more and headed back to my car. I tried to rationalize what that was, why the "OUT OF ORDER" sign appeared out of nowhere. Was someone watching over me?? Did they save my life?? What happened to the girl??

The next day at school things were normal, everyone went to their classes and acted as nothing happened. I searched for a custodian to see if he might answer any of my questions. When I did find one he was cleaning out the teachers offices (it was nearing winter break, and most of the teachers were already gone for the holidays). I asked him if the bathroom near the fountain had any problems, he replied that there weren't any that he knew of. I told him about the out of order sign that was at the stall that I was using and he said that he was never reported a problem with the bathrooms at all. I was getting confused and finally broke down and told him what happened.

The custodians face wasn't shocked at all to hear what I had to say, he told me that the bathroom was haunted with a girl's spirit, and the evil spirit that took her away a long time ago. (He didn't know the exact time that it happened) He said that I wasn't the first to experience the spirits, he said that they occurred pretty much every night and that too many people were freaked out by them, so he just locked up the bathroom permanently.

He didn't know why it was opened that night, or why there was an "OUT OF ORDER" sign on the stall that I was in. I of course never returned to that bathroom, if I had to use ANY bathrooms at school, I waited the half hour till I got home. I would walk by the bathroom when I was going home, and sure enough it was locked all the time. Thanks for reading; this story is true in every way.

Nina, California, USA
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