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PA Gates of Hell

Christine Valverde, PA, USA
October 2002

This is really a follow-up to the Chester County Gates of Hell story, which I came across completely by accident while searching for ghost stories in my area that I may not have heard. Here is my experience at the Red Gates of Hell.

I was 17 then and am now 41 years old, but I remember the fear like it was yesterday.

My boyfriend and I had gone with another couple to an area very near the gates, which were still visible from the road at that time. The other couple stayed in the van, and my boyfriend and I (brave souls that we were) decided to go make out in the wooded area near the van. Right across from the gates. We didn't see any lights, other than the stars. We made ourselves comfortable and were about half-dressed when we heard footsteps very close to us. They were definitely human footsteps, not a dog or other animal. It was a very moonlit fall night so we could see a good distance. There was no one there. We thought it might be a local property owner coming to tell us to leave, so we waited very quietly until the footsteps sounded like they were only about five feet from us. We could still see nothing. That's when we ran like hell back to the van. We screamed and pounded on the van for what seemed like forever before our "friends" would let us in. After they finally let us in, we told them to just go. Before we could pull out, however, there was a loud knocking sound on the outside of the van. The headlights were on, and we could see nothing in the side-view mirrors.

I have been to many "haunted sites" since then, but I have never experienced anything that frightened me more than this.

Christine Valverde, PA, USA
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