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Paranoia or Ghost?

Allison, SC, USA
September 2011

I’ve lived in my house since I was six and I’m a teenager now. I’ve always been scared to be alone in my house, even in the daylight.

I’ve always chalked that up to garden variety paranoia when I was little. But these days, it feels very much like I’m being watched. I get shivers and goose bumps and I cannot stay in the back rooms of my house for very long until running out and finding my parents. I’m frightened of going back there even when they are in the house.

I thought I would only get these feelings in my house, but in the past few school years, I’ve felt the same way wandering in the hallways alone. I also felt like I was being touched at night. It felt like someone was standing over my bed.

I don’t seem to be in control of my feelings, and they go beyond normal hormonal tendencies. I’ll be angry at someone I’m close to, and when they beg me to tell them what’s wrong, I don’t have any answer for them. I’ll be angry at them for no reason. I’ll cry for no reason at all. I’ll get suicidal thoughts without knowing why I would ever want to end my life.

I was sick very often at home and at school. Nearly every day, I had stomachaches and headaches. Recently, I’ve seen black shapes moving in my room. Some isolated lights, not really orbs, have moved around in my dark room at night as well. Black shapes seem to appear out of the corner of my eyes when I’m away from home as well.

This one door in my house opens when it is touched lightly, like by my dog. I was lying in my bed one night and I watched it open slightly and then stop. Nobody, not my parents or dog were on the other side, and the air wasn’t on since it was winter so that couldn’t have opened it. It opens to light touch, but not THAT light, you do have to push a bit.

Is my home, or me, haunted? Or am I just paranoid and/or hypersensitive? If it is a spirit, should I be afraid? Should I try to get rid of it?

Allison, SC, USA
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