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Paranormal Attractant

Jess, Victoria, Australia
May 2010

I have long had an interest in the paranormal; it started when I was about 7 and had my first experience with a ghost. My family lived in an old house on a property in rural Victoria. We had relocated the house and made some changes including demolishing a sleep out and adding an extension.

I had lived there since I was 5, but hadn't experienced anything for those first few years. One night, I had woken up to go to the toilet and once I had gotten back into bed I looked up to see a figure in the doorway. I thought it was one of my parents checking on my sister and I (we shared a room) but it was obvious that they were too short to be an adult. The figure slipped into the room and I remember realizing it was a little girl with long blonde ringlets and wearing period clothes. A second figure then followed her
through the doorway, this one even shorter than the little girl. I saw this one to be a little boy, and afterwards I always referred to these two as 'the brother and sister ghosts'. I was never scared of them and I saw them many times, but I was very curious about them because it seemed that neither of them could speak, even though I asked them a lot of questions. They would just nod or shake their heads and smile to answer me. I did manage to gather, however, that they had lived in the house a long time ago and the little boy was sad because his room was the sleep out which we had demolished.

I never felt right telling anyone about the brother and sister ghosts, but one day long after we moved, my mum mentioned something about a child ghost she thought was in that house. She said that she would sometimes hear giggles and had things mysteriously disappear and reappear in an obvious place when there was no one else home. Stunned, I told her that we actually had two children ghosts living with us, a little girl and her little brother. My mum was also a little stunned, but was happy to know that she wasn't going crazy.

I also encountered a shadow person in this house when I was about 11, and this experience really did scare me. I had just walked out of our toilet, at the back of the house, when I saw a black figure leaning in the doorway of our spare room. The hallway light was on and I remember I felt like it was glaring at me. I screamed and ran straight past it down the hallway, calling to my parents. They searched the house, thinking there was an intruder (kind of funny considering we were on a property out of town) but I kept telling them it wasn't a person, that they were all black with no face or hair or anything that I could see. I never saw it again, but after that I was scared to go down that end of the house.

My next paranormal experience occurred when I was 14 and was on a ghost tour of Melbourne with my mum and some family friends. None of us were expecting to see anything as it was a tour of about 20 people, but we were still excited to be seeing some supposedly haunted places. We were at the old Cobb & Co. factory (which I think now has been demolished) and being the only children on the tour, we were asked if we would like to walk around the back of the building by ourselves to see if we could draw the spirits out. My little sister and one of our friends chickened out, but a friend and I decided we would do it. We walked through the huge open doorway into the courtyard behind, whispering nervously together, when suddenly my friend looked up and froze. I paused and also looked up to see what he had seen only to also freeze on the spot. In an upstairs window of the Cobb & Co. building there was a pale figure that was distinctly human in shape. It had no features but it definitely felt as if it were staring at us.

After a few seconds we both looked at each other and ran as fast as we could back into the building, but no one would believe we had actually seen anything. To this day, my family friend rarely speaks about the experience and still seems quite unnerved by it.

Nothing much happened for the next few years until I was 18 and my family had moved into a house that had recently been renovated. It's split level, except the only thing on the ground level is the garage and to get to our front door you have to walk down a path, up some stairs and around a verandah (a bit of a trek, I know!). Our lounge room looks out over this verandah, and quite often we will be sitting watching TV and will see heads bobbing along near the edge, as if there were a person walking up the path to the stairs. The heads always appear to be male, with short dark hair, and we sometimes mistake them for my dad coming home but when no one comes inside we realize it's just another 'head visitor'. My sister and I have also heard people calling our names in the house. This is nothing out of the ordinary, except that it quite often happens when nobody else is home. This occurs more to my sister than to me, but she has said that 9 times out of 10 my name is being called and not hers. I also often wake in the morning to find my wardrobe doors, which I always keep closed, wide open. This is strange because they get stuck a lot and make loud thudding noises when you wrench them open - the sound is loud enough to wake someone up (I frequently wake up my sister in the next room when I open the doors late at night), but I have never heard them open. No one in my family feels threatened by what's happening in our house, which we still currently live in, and it's been occurring for almost 2 years (I'm now 20).

The most recent new experience that I've had was on holidays in January with my friends. We had rented a 2-storey holiday house for a week in Torquay, a town along the Victorian coast. On the first morning there, one of my friends, who were sleeping downstairs, woke up at about 5am to go to the toilet. As she was getting back into bed she heard, clear as day, a voice from upstairs shout 'Everybody shut up! Be quiet!' which she found surprising as everyone was asleep. She eventually went back to sleep, but asked us all about it later on in the morning, but no one else heard the voice or admitted to being the one shouting.

As well as this, almost every morning at about 9am, my boyfriend and I would awake to the sounds of people moving about and talking quietly in the kitchen which was right next to our room. We would get up and go out there, only to find that everyone was still in bed. One afternoon, everyone had gone out to lunch or to the beach, but my boyfriend and I decided to stay home and clean up a bit and watch a movie. We were sitting in the lounge room eating lunch when we heard what sounded like people rustling around in the kitchen (like moving packets and cutlery around on the benches). We knew for a fact this time that no one was home, so I rushed into the kitchen to try and catch whatever it was in the act. As soon as I reached the doorway, however, the noises stopped.

That same night we had all gone out for dinner except one of our guy friends who wasn't feeling well. He said that he was upstairs watching TV when he heard the front door downstairs slam shut followed by what sounded like one of the downstairs bedroom doors. He thought someone had come home in a bit of temper so went downstairs to investigate. All of the bedroom doors were open, there were no cars out the front, and upon further investigation he discovered that there was no one else home. What makes it even stranger is that to get in the front door you needed a 4-digit pin code that changed weekly.

These are just some of my experiences, and I do hope for more, maybe something I can capture as proof of the paranormal. Thanks for reading.

Jess, Victoria, Australia
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