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Paranormal Past

Anonymous, Lancashire, UK
May 2010

I've always had unusual experiences and been involved with life after death. In fact all my family has, it’s sort of something that runs in the family. Anyway I am only going to tell you about one of the many stories that have happened to me, as it is the most extreme.

I lived in a new built house, the same on I lived in today, and because it was a new house I never thought that it would be haunted. I was 6 and my sister was 9 and as we were so young we both shared the back bedroom of the house and my parents share the big front room and our baby sitter, Hannah used the smaller spare bedroom at the front.

One night I was in bed and from where mine and my sisters beds where if I sat on my sisters bed and looked out the door I would see the spare bedrooms door and from my bed I could see the landing and stairs.

Anyway, I was suddenly awoken one night to see a dark figure on the stairs. The figure walked half way up the stairs then stopped, I couldn’t see the persons face as it was just a dark figure but I’m sure it was looking at me. The "Shadow" didn’t walk up the rest of the stairs it floated up and through the banister that stopped people falling down stairs and landed in the hallway; it looked at me once more and drifted off towards my mother’s room. The strange thing was me at first believing it was my mum, shouted out for her and I got no response also the "shadow" wasn’t on the same level as the house, it was inches above the ground. I wasn’t scared and I drifted back off to sleep, however the next morning me and my Mother went downstairs and all of the items and cards on our fireplace and onto of the TV where either knocked over or dropped on the floor!

Nothing happened the rest of that week but the next Saturday, My baby sitter was round and she sleeps our house when she Baby sits as it’s so far away from her own house. Anyway I woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet, as I went to pull my pajama pants down I heard I loud bang and then loud footsteps coming from my Ceiling and another bang! As if someone was up there knocking over all the boxes containing Christmas decorations. I was terrified! I ran to my baby sitters room and she had to wait outside my toilet until I had finished.

Yet again nothing else happened for the rest of that week. Then I asked my mum could I sleep in the front room when our baby sitter wasn’t staying so I wasn’t next to the bathroom, my mum agreed and I slept in the front room Saturday night. As I lay there with my TV on low, I started to hear a strange sound; as I listened more carefully it was the sound of my mother’s One Gallon Barrels handles being flicked up and then flicked back down and then the handle vibrating. I must let you know the handles don’t fall down when flicked up; you have to actually push them down! So I got a little scared but I didn’t freak out in fact I ignored it, closed my eyes and went to sleep.

This was one of the strangest months living in that house. I still live there and nothing every as strange happened after that, I mostly think it’s because I decided not to be scared and I ended up talking to whatever was in my house. I think the biggest reason I wasn’t scared and decided to talk to the "shadow" as through-out all my life I have been in close contact with the spirit side, and this was just like another normal day to me.

There are still strange happenings in my house today’

Anonymous, Lancashire, UK
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