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Paranormal Stuff Going On

Anonymous, UK
October 2010

Never really done this before but, I'm seriously scared. I'm 12years old and I have been interested in ghosts and paranormal stuff like that for about a year or two.

Anyway, back to the story type thing. Last year a couple of months after I turned twelve, I went to my best friend's house for a sleepover with another friend, it started off really fun but then we went outside at 10pm to the park which was next to the woods. About 5 minutes after a guy whose face we couldn't see walked past, I got a very strong gut feeling that he wasn't a good person, if you know what I mean. I kept quiet and carried on playing on the park when we heard a very strange noise like a squeal and a grunt mixed together.
Apparently my friends have heard this noise before when they had a sleepover together the month before, again I got a bad gut feeling. My friend Francesca wanted to go back in but me and Fi were intrigued so decided to wander a bit into the woods but when we heard the sound again we looked at each other and bolted for the house. I felt violently sick. We told my friends mum, Nicole and she said that she'd heard it before and went outside to check it out but came back in saying that we should stay inside.
We were all very scared especially when my friend Fi told us about ghosts actually existing and that one (called Abigail) lived inside her house. After about an hour we forgot about it and started taking pictures and acting silly, like a normal sleepover should be like.

But we started hearing furniture being moved across the floor upstairs, we freaked out. We started getting under the cover and hiding then scaring us all, Fi's cat Roger padded in and sat on the small single bed. I immediately felt safe (I have no idea why) and went to the next bed and sat on it. When we started looking at the photos we noticed that on one of the pictures of Francesca, a small girls hand was touching her hair (I would have tried to put the picture on but it was on Fi's DSi). Again we felt scared and it was even scarier when Roger who was busy sleeping suddenly woke up and jumped of my bed and onto Fi and Francesca's and started staring right next to me. I squealed and jumped next to Francesca's lap so fast nobody actually knew what was going on except for me and Roger. When I told them to look at Roger they knew why I freaked out, but his head started turning towards me again slowly and stared right next to me. I almost blacked out, but as soon as she came, Abigail was gone.

That was a seriously scary night but there's a lot more.

A couple of months ago I was listening to Katy Perry on the radio at about 9:00pm when I saw a shadow across my bedroom floor near the door. I turned my head and turned down the radio, it was nothing but when I turned the radio back up and started reading my book I felt immediately cold and very scared. I saw the shadow again but this time next to my bed I ignore it, but I felt more scared then ever! I put my book down sensing the thing watching me and snuggled down in bed, keeping the light down. I suddenly felt a weight on my bed and couldn't move I tried not to panic but I started breathing fast and my eyes started to go blurry. My radio suddenly turned off and so did my light, I stopped panicking and slowly tried to turn round but as I did the I felt something brush my ear and caress my face then it was gone.
This has happened a lot of nights but I haven't been touched by it since. I started getting used to it but I'm still scared, my friends don't believe me anymore and I tried telling my parents once but they just said, "It must have been bad dreams."

I feel really alone on this and every time I bring it up with my friends they just tell me to pray, but I'm not very religious so there's no point. Any advice??

Anonymous, UK
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