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Parent Call

June 2006

When I was a younger, my parents and I lived in this very old home that someone had died in. We didn't know who, but we knew that a little boy had died in that home.

At first we didn't really pay attention, but when things started going missing we started getting suspicious.

I slept in the smallest room in the house that contained a bathroom, but my bed was always facing the night time I would feel eerie feelings that someone was watching me.
My dad's encounter was his first.
I was sick with a horrible flu and was stuck inside for weeks. One day my dad was going outside, and I wanted to go with him. He told me I couldn't go because I was sick. I listened to my dad and stayed in my room. When he got outside he heard hollers of "Daddy! Daddy!" over and over again. I am the only child and there were no children on that road, so he automatically thought I followed him outside. He shouted to what he thought was me "____ go back inside! You're sick!". My mom was on the porch and told my dad that I was upstairs lying down and that I didn't have my window open at all. It wasn't me calling him, it was the spirit boy.

My mom's encounter was quite the same. It was spring cleaning and she was vacuuming the house. I was on a walk with my dad up the mountain, so we were nowhere near the house at the time. Mom was vacuuming and a child's voice shouted over the vacuum sound, "Mommy! Mommy!" Mom shut off the vacuum and asked why I didn't go with my dad. There was dead silence. My mom turned on the vacuum again and she heard the hollers once more. She was shaking with fear by then because I wasn't there, neither was my father.

I never had encounters like these before, only things going missing and weird eerie feelings.
I think that my parents experienced this child the most because they are adults and parents, and the child wanted to find his parents.

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