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Party Ghosts?

July 2001

My family and I moved into a pretty little house in a small town in rural Oklahoma. Shortly after we settled in, I would occasionally be awakened to the sound of music, like an old piano playing, with what sounded like muffled talking and laughing in the background. It was a fairly quiet sound, so I thought my husband was up and had to the TV on low, so I never paid much attention and just fell back asleep.

A few months went by, and we were having a conversation with one of our neighbors across the road about ghosts and hauntings and such. They told us about somewhere near our town that a road was haunted. My husband then started talking about how he wondered if our house was haunted because he occasionally heard music and voices late at night but that it couldn't be the TV because he is usually the last one up and he turns it off before going to bed. Once he went and checked anyway and the TV wasn't on.

Needless to say, my jaw dropped since I had heard the same exact sounds. It was never really something that either of us thought about or mentioned till then. We talked about it some more and our neighbors told us a little history of the town and that many moons ago there used to be a saloon once where our house stood.

This made sense to us with the type of sounds we were hearing. I could picture an old saloon with an old piano and laughing and talking. We have no immediate neighbors who party at all (they are all pretty old) and our property is pretty far apart so we know that that wasn't a possibility.

Also we discussed the sounds and how they sounded like beer halls in old western movies. It still gives me a little bit of a chill thinking about it.

A few months after that conversation our house burned and we built a new one. We have since not heard any sounds, but we will see. It hasn't been up that long but we haven't heard anything to date. To be continued? I'll let you know if it does...

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