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Pennsylvania Hall & Devil's Den

Shannon C., Indiana, USA
January 1998

Ihave had many strange and Ghostly experiences. I will be submitting many of them but I will start with these 2 strange ones.

When I was about 13 I lived in Gettysburg Pa. Many ghost stories abound here but I have 2 stories to tell at this time.

I lived right down the road from Gettysburg College where my mom worked. She worked in Pennsylvania Hall. Now this hall has many ghost's, the most famous of which is a Confederate General who can be seen on the catwalk. I have never actually seen the General himself but I did see something strange. I had a big sister through a college program. One night whilst walking home with my friend after visiting our big sisters we walked past the hall. The moon was full and as I looked up at it, I saw something glittering on the catwalk. It was a gun with a bayonet...The bayonet had caught the moonlight and we saw this glittering. My friend was terrified but I thought it was cool!
This next story was actually pretty scary. One night a group of friends and I decided to spend the night on the battlefield. We chose Devil's Den which is a huge formation of big boulders and rocks. It is a cool place where you can climb the rocks and crawl through tunnels and stuff. There were 7 of us there and we had settled down into our sleeping bags when we heard what sounded like gunfire. A volley of gunfire...many shots. It sounded as if it was coming from Little Round Top. This is a hill at which Devil's Den is at the bottom. We got up and looked up at Little Round Top. Right before our eyes we saw a wounded Confederate Soldier with another Soldier helping him to walk coming right towards Devil's Den and towards us. We stood there, all of us, absolutely paralyzed with awe and fear. As the soldiers got closer they slowly faded and disappeared. That broke the Paralysis and we all hi tailed it out of there!
We all told our parents and they did believe us. I was terrified at the time that this happened but looking back now at the experience I feel privileged to have witnessed this.

These stories are true and were written to the best of my ability and memories. I hope you have enjoyed them. I will be submitting many more experiences in the future. Until next time...Lock all your doors and windows...keep on a light or 2....and don't be afraid of things that go "Bump" in the night.

Shannon C., Indiana, USA
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